2017-02-08 Wed

Public Transit

In Ontario is deplorable. The ground staff – bus-drivers and ticketing staff – are excellent, but the management goes beyond deplorable, so on average, deplorable is a fair moniker.

The Globe And Mail ran another article, this time with a little map.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170204_105201930.jpg

Note the perimeter formed by the towns shown on the map.

The roughly semi-circular area covered by Kitchener-Orillia-Cobourg and centered on Toronto is about the same area as that of the Ilę de France.

Last September I could travel across and around the entire Ilę de France – not Paris, but the Ilę de France – for €70 which was about $cdn110 back then.

At the same time I could travel Toronto for $cdn144. That area is bounded by the ARROW-TIPS in this map!

Don’t pull the old argument that it’s not fair to compare Toronto to Paris (or London) because ‘they are bigger than us and have been at it longer than us”. Mississauga and Brampton are both younger and smaller than us, and they have better public transit systems than us.