2017-02-07 Tue


Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170204_080345816_HDR.jpg

I popped out of the Eaton Chelsea last Saturday and took the time to scan the Eastern Side of Yonge Street.

Note the Ground Floor Windows.

In particular, note the consistent appearance of the Papered-up Windows.

Thatís right! The developers now have access to the set of buildings and can apply consistent paper lining to all the buildings. Which means that this strip will join so many others and be Demolished to make way for a Tower of Condominium Units.

Why are we not surprised?

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170204_080401142_HDR.jpg

We will miss the Wild West Architecture of these red-brick buildings, and we will miss the delightful oleo or mish-mash of the ground-floor styles of Products and Services.