2017-02-03 Fri

Presto Magic Fails to Impress

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I am bewildered not by software glitches Ė Iíve been developing software glitches for fifty years less three months.

I am bewildered by the installation of a public transit fare system that is capable of spewing out so many negative news reports each month.

In my latest rant I moaned about Presto machines installed on the Toronto Transit Commission NOT displaying the balance on a card. I have previously waxed bitter about the receipt that is spat out when you add money to the card NOT displaying the new balance. How hard would it have been to display what data is already to hand?

This latest glitch is, surprise surprise, related only to the printing end, not to the actual balance.

Which means that the printed slip carries mis-leading data to the customer!

Oh! to be in the IlÍ de France with my Navigo card ...