2017-01-19 Thu


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Spring has Arrived!


Saturday January 14th Wellesley Street was closed for a Triffid Crane.

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As usual I counted the cranes. I maintain that there is no spot in downtown Toronto (define “Downtown” as you will) where less than four Tower cranes are visible.

In this shot, four Tower cranes are in evidence besides the Triffid Crane that blocks the street.

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Perhaps a few clues will help.

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Pedestrian access was blocked, so we all trooped into the back lane south of Wellesley Street, and within sixty seconds of leaving Wellesley Street we were faced with two more cranes directly ahead of us. These two cranes are part of the set of six that are visible through a single pane of glass from my living-room window.

Of course you know that there are more cranes visible to the left of me, and behind me.