2017-01-03 Tue


On New years day a fresh random wallpaper popped up

Christopher Greaves Home_HudsonCanyon.png

The current (hah hah!) shoreline is marked with a dotted black line. Long Island is visible top-centre of the image.

The “mud-flats” dead centre of the image and the coloured area to the south east are the ld coast line, before it was flooded with the Global Warming of tens, hundreds of thousands of years ago.

And that is the flooded valley, or canyon, of the Hudson’s River, underwater, but still cutting its way through the muck.

My eye wandered back upstream to the point where today’s Hudson River cuts right through the Appalachian Mountains. Think “Newburgh”, “Kingston”, “Catskill”.

Just like the Susquehanna River cuts through the Appalachian mountains to the west of here.

Same question: How does a river of water punch a hole through a mountain wall? Didn’t it ought to be deflected and go around the mountain?

Same Answer: The Hudson River, just like the Susquehanna, was minding its own business long before the Atlantic Ocean, and hence the Appalachians, were formed. As the land rose, slowly, the river just kept on running like a steady band-saw, continuing to carve its course as the mountains rose around it.

Happy New Year.

May your stream of life continue to flow. Ceaselessly.