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Christopher Greaves

2015 Diary - 2013 2014

2015-12-31 Thu

Observations: City Edison Edward Ford Hall Henry Keenan Louis Marshall Pasteur Sean Share Sparked Uber

No Sour Grapes HERE!: Merkel Middle

2015-12-30 Wed

Observations: Bradford Card Cheers Downtown Free Ilpo Iíve Lehto Lunch Presto Putting Thereís Toronto Transit

Clear Thinking: Development Diseases Drugs Funds Huge Ordinary Pension People Profit Profits Rare Research

2015-12-29 Tue

Clear Thinking: Frontier Rationally Read Sometimes

Observations: Bell City Electrical Hall Perhaps Secretly Square Street TaDa Toronto Trinity WiFi

2015-12-28 Mon

Second Use For Everything (SUFE) : Brussels Everything Handy Moss Note Peat Scales Second Think Using

Observations: www.mayhew.ca

2015-12-27 Sun

Union Pearson Airport Express: Airport Express Pearson Scarborough Thatís Toronto Transit Union

Union Pearson Airport Express: Airport Concourse Express Grand Less Nothing Pearson Sigh Station Street Union York

2015-12-26 Sat

Time Travel: Although Consider Earth Fight Fission Fusion Gold Matter Ninety Price Scotty Suppose Today Transmutation Travel Weíll

Clear Thinking: Bahtia Bahtiaís

2015-12-25 Fri

Observations: Basic Boolean Date Geographic Management Measures Meet Numeric Quantifiers Star Toronto Tuesdays Wednesdays Writerís

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): Gift Wrigglers

2015-12-24 Thu

Observations: Books Branch Christmas Eight English Library Material Nothing Something Toronto Yorkville

Observations: Business Canadian Cathyís Furniture Household Husband Independent Letís Local Post Small Station Store Wife

2015-12-23 Wed

Clear Thinking: PLUS Theft Under

Clear Thinking: Brilliant Councilor Matlow Seriously

2015-12-22 Tue

Clear Thinking: Disclaimer Toronto

Observations: Change Climate Cooling Global Warming

2015-12-21 Mon

Observations: Bells Sleigh Today Transit

Clear Thinking: Declarations Declare Iíll

2015-12-20 Sun

Clear Thinking: Joke Police Toronto Triffids Unless Whatever

Clear Thinking: Coldest Driest Geological HUMANS Hottest Human Iíve Kirk Norman RECORDED Toronto Wettest

2015-12-19 Sat

Clear Thinking: Africa Bering Didnít Invasive Species Strait

Clear Thinking: Bear Circle Great Leaving Line Mist Spring Straight Valley Vicious Winter

2015-12-18 Fri

Toronto Transit Commission and Its Stupid Ideas: Commission Idiots Smooth Toronto Transit

Clear Thinking: Agenda Australian Balloting Brian Chantal East Equal Hťbert John Lester McDonald Mulroney Note Pearson Proportional Ranked Regardless Replace Representation Senate Star Step TVOís Toronto Trudeau Wise

2015-12-17 Thu

Parks of Bay Street: Enterprise Gerrard Last Rental Street Yonge

Clear Thinking: Iíll Note Nothing Superior

2015-12-16 Wed

Second Use For Everything (SUFE):

Clear Thinking: Canadians Educational First Letís Post Proportional Pundits Ranked Regardless Switch System Voting

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): College EXCELLENT Good Orange Park Recycling Regardless Runs Trial Whence

2015-12-15 Tue

Retired: Brockville Clarkson Cost Enterprise Friend Google Hours Hudson IMHO Kilometres Management Measures Montreal Odometer PLUS Rented Station Today Toronto Traffic Union

Literary Merit: Dump Especially Flatbed John Street Toronto Triffids Trucks Wyndham Yonge

2015-12-14 Mon

Clear Thinking: Congestion Especially Raise Road Stop Toronto

Observations: Christmas Donít Itís

2015-12-13 Sun

Climate Change : Change Climate Election Federal Flood Flooded Floods Iíve Liberal Lies Plain Recent Storms Toronto

Clear Thinking: Angen Branch Change Climate Global Long Note Road Think Tolls Train Transit

2015-12-12 Sat

Clear Thinking: Hooray Itís Trust

Observations: Isnít Star Toronto

2015-12-11 Fri

Retired: Branch Burlington Commission Long Mississauga Presto Seniorís Ticket Toronto Transit

Observations: BOSS Cats Concourse Fair Hello Iíve LATE Station TRAIN Trouble Union Yesterday York

2015-12-10 Thu

Climate Change Caused by Tectonic Shit: Caused Change Climate Iíve Shift Tectonic

Climate Change: Continents Probability Species Wrong

2015-12-09 Wed

Climate Change: CRAP Change Climate Floods Itís SUVs Sleet Storms Toronto Whatís

Clear Thinking: Banning Buildings Electric Intruder Light Motion Office Penalizing Policeman Rookie SUVs Sensors

2015-12-08 Tue


Clear Thinking: Discipline Police Speaking THINKS

Clear Thinking: Having Makes Uber

2015-12-07 Mon

Observations: Bella British Columbia Coola Crusoe Lonesome

Clear Thinking: Evans Forty Jennifer Peelís Perhaps

2015-12-06 Sun


Observations: College Grenville South Street Yonge

2015-12-05 Sat

Clear Thinking: Letís Recycling Star Thatís Toronto Torontoís WASTE

Vermicomposting: Commission FWIW Toronto Transit

2015-12-04 Fri

Clear Thinking: Alarum Cambrian Change Climate Consequences Cooling Cried Despondency Dire Disclaimer Global Gloom Itís Layer Newspapers Ozone People Pittsburgh SUVs Toronto Trouble Warning Wolf

Clear Thinking: Cresco Hereís PANS Problem Regardless SALT Super

2015-12-03 Thu

Observations: Assuming Eustachian Iíve Station Union Walking

Syrian Observations: Assisted Australian Canadaís Church Diocese Discussions Eden Fremantle Garden Government Grandpa Great Kalgoorlie Mediterranean Saville Second Shaw Syrians Times West World

2015-12-02 Wed

The 407 ETR: Bill Elantra Excel Hyundai Iíve Starís Suppression Toronto Years

Observations - My Irish Buddy: Assuming Iíve Philodendrons

2015-12-01 Tue

Clear Thinking Ė Bad Physics: Amer Look Mister Mutt Puzey Starís Teeter Think Toronto Totter

Police Shooting: Disclaimer Peel Police Shakes Starís Toronto Unless

2015-11-30 Mon


Toronto Gun Amnesty Program Wraps Up: American Area Armed Avenue Batons Bear Black Bobbies Bobby Bypass Current Englandís Etobicoke Greater HUGE Humber Iíve KNOW Letís Moose Nets North People Police River Rouge SWAT Smaller Steeles Summary Tazers Today Toronto Torontoís Word Years

Clear Thinking: Accident Clearly Collisions Foreseeable Iíve Thereís Welcome

2015-11-29 Sun

Retired: Automated Census Data Electronic FREE Gallery Herman Hollerith Jacquard Khan Last Library Loom Museum Processing Textiles Toronto

2015-11-28 Sat

Observations: Book Club Economy Institutes Library Lonely Sharing Toronto Uber Women Womens ZipCars

Retired: Celanese Chapmanís Chelsea Clair Commentaries Eaton Edition Editorials Globe Harveyís IMNSHO Library Loblaws Mail National NoFrills NoFrills Post Reference Ryerson Star Street Toronto University WiFi Wonderful Yonge

2015-11-27 Fri

Clear Thinking: Getting Indians Natives Whites

Debt Repayment: Although Canadian Donít Good Grad Hyundai IĎve Last PARENTS Strictly Thirty Tire Tour Years

2015-11-26 Thu

Observations: Matrons Victorian

Observations: Alice Available Biblical Disease Huntingdonís Walked Wexlerís Woman

2015-11-25 Wed

Climate Change: Change Donít Especially Galaxy Live Planet Recycling Reduce Reuse Solar TOTALLY Universe

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): Brand Everything SUFE Second Sparkling

2015-11-24 Tue

Clear Thinking: CRTC Privacy Raise

Climate Change: Africa Change Climate Compared Earth Gondwanaland Great MILE Mars Moon Nothing Okanogan Okanogans Plate Sheet THICK Tectonics Thatís Today Toronto

2015-11-23 Mon

TTC: Dundas Rent Yonge

Clear Thinking: Avenue Bloor Danforth Donít Eglinton Obviously Street Yonge

Clear Thinking:

2015-11-22 Sun

The Toronto Transit Commission : Board Bulletin CHFI Canít Card Chapmanís Chris Clair College Commission Customer Downtown Great Guide Instead Loblaws Nice Parking Presto Questions Rapid Ride Scarborough Service Sheet Streetcar Streetcars Subaru Subarus Systems TTC's Toronto Transit Travel Volkswagen

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): Calcium Kitchen Lime Stay Tuned

2015-11-21 Sat

Observations: Catharines Paris Parisian Parisians Toronto

Observations: Avenue Clair College Itís Pipe Street Symphony Widorís Yonge

Observations: Boolean Conservative Game Justin Liberal Management Nation Optimizations Strategies Thatís Theory Trudeau

2015-11-20 Fri

Observations: City Hooray Iíve Toronto

The Toronto Transit Commission: Airport Avenue Belleville Cobourg Commission Hope Hunstville Including LOVE MetroPass Navigo Network Outlined Pass Pearson Port Purple RATP Steeles Thatís Toronto Transilean Transit

Clear Thinking: Alan Angled Asia Civic Community Decision Education Especially Europe Forty Geography Guess History Informed Mathematics None Petulant Professor Really Sears Service Sulky Triangles Volunteering Whatís

2015-11-19 Thu

Observations: Dump Iíll North

Public Transit: Avenue Baloney Belleville Brampton Donít Highway Hunstville Look MetroPass Mississauga Paris River Rouge Sixteen Sound Steeles Thatís Toronto Transilean

2015-11-18 Wed

The Toronto Transit Commission: Metropass TTC's

Clear Thinking: Check Goetz Message Plastic Recycling Reduce Reusing Saves

2015-11-17 Tue

Clear Thinking: Government Iíll Provincial Unions

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): Couldnít Guess TaDa

2015-11-16 Mon

The Crane Game: East Side Street

Observations: CCTV Meanwhile Presumably Talk

Clear Thinking: Councilors Horse MPPs Party Trouble Worse

2015-11-15 Sun

Observations: Grenville Street Yonge

Observations: Cone Grenville Letís Orange Project Thatís

Observations: Ahead Behind Grenville Grosvenor Meanwhile Street Triffid Yonge

Observations: Compare Grosvenor Street

2015-11-14 Sat

Retired: College Gerrard News Ryerson Star Toronto University Yonge

Observations: Itís Street Triffids Yonge

2015-11-13 Fri

Transit and the Union Station: Access Commission Donít Express Hidden KILOMETRES Lower Note PATH Simcoe Station Street Toronto Tower Transit Typically

Observations: Express INSTALL Lower RAMP Simcoe Street Youíve

2015-11-12 Thu

Toronto Transit Commission: Blue CHFI Card City Clair Class College Commercials Commission Computers Crissakes Customers Doesnít Downtown First Guide Hello Hitler Hitlerian Important Iíll Newcastle Nothing Perhaps Presto Reduced Ride Seniors Seniorís Short South Streetcars Subaru Tickets Toronto Transit Volkswagen Wales World

Observations: Commission Pick Toronto Transit Weíve

2015-11-11 Wed

The Union Express Joke: Express Last

Observations: Although Answer Fascinating Star Toronto

2015-11-10 Tue

Observations: Bank Clark Government Kathleen Provincial Werenít Wynne

Clear Thinking: DONíT Faced Itís Real Rogue Someone Star Thatís Toronto

2015-11-09 Mon

I Hate University Colleges: Books COLLEGES DAMN Michaelís Trinity UNIVERSITY

Voting: Canadian First Known Post Splitting Universe Vicki Voting Whichever

2015-11-08 Sun

Observations: Baptist Clair Park Yonge Yorkminster

Clear Thinking: Beats Cobourg Europe Franceís Montreal Note Ottawa PLUS Toronto

2015-11-07 Sat

Observations: College Trinity Walking

Retired: Evil Flyer

Clear Thinking: Fridays Iíve Lord Mondays Thursdays Tuesdays Waiting

2015-11-06 Fri

Clear Thinking: Asia Assessment Associates Automatic Chris Data District Electronic Email Etobicoke Greaves Inbox Informative Instead Nearly Process Processing Revenue Sharp Statement Taxes Theatre Theyíre Today

Uber at al.: Good Industrial Revolution

2015-11-05 Thu

Clear Thinking: Eight Seven

Excuses, Excuses: Bauld Canadian Cape Eleven Enterprise Johns Kilometres LíAnse Meadows Newfoundlandís Portuguese Spanish Toronto Yuma

2015-11-04 Wed

Windy Dynamics: CUBE FIFTY HUNDRED Kurloi Pierre Remember Thank

Observations: Generation Yesterday Younger

2015-11-03 Tue

Retired: Exploring St Catharines

Clear Thinking: Good Insanity Normal Quick Whatís

Vandalism: First HOLLYWOOD Pure Vandalism

Observation: Graphics Ryerson University

2015-11-02 Mon

Presto Card: Agency Bradford Card Commission DONíT Guess Metrolinx Presto Toronto Transit

The Toronto Police, the Toronto Transit Commission and Bombardier: Assuming Bombardier Itís Police Something Toronto Unless

2015-11-01 Sun

Cheese is the New Chocolate: Cheese Christmas Frills Halloween Last Mozzarella Paying Producers Today Weíll

Toronto Transit Commission: Bombardier Bombardier's Bombardierís Commission Insanity Iíll Toronto Transit

2015-10-31 Sat

The Metrolinx Joke: Barrie Milton Newark Oshawa Paris Stouffville Surely

The Union Pearson Express Joke: Donít Express Look Millions

2015-10-30 Fri

Grocery Shopping for Idiots: Acceptance Bradford Brampton Card Credibility Deliverables Express Extended Functional Goals Government Largest Management Metrolinx Milestones Mississauga Municipalities Objectives Pearson Planning Premier Presto Province Provincial Region Regions Smallest Star Tests Toronto Transit Transitís Union WITHOUT

2015-10-29 Thu

I Hate University Colleges: Books COLLEGES DAMN Michaelís Trinity UNIVERSITY

2015-10-28 Wed

The Union Pearson Express Joke: Express Pearson Toronto Union

The Union Pearson Express Joke: Express Pearson Toronto Union

The Union Pearson Express Joke: People Phyllis

2015-10-27 Tue

The Union Pearson Express Joke: Card Express Presto Revenue Rider Ridership

The Union Pearson Express Joke: Express Metrolinx Technically Transit

2015-10-26 Mon

The Union Pearson Express Joke: Commission Express Joke Metrolinx Note Open Toronto Transit Unless Whatís

The Union Pearson Express Joke: Metrolinx

2015-1 -25 Sun

Clear Thinking on Transit: Metrolinx Transit

The Union Pearson Express Joke: Commission Toronto Transit

2015-10-24 Sat

Toronto Transit Commission: America Annette Avenue Bloor City Class College Commission Cross Danforth Donít Drive Dupont Faster Ford George Havelock Jane Keele Line Local Markland Mill Morning Mortimer North Ostensibly PARKING Parking People Police Road Shuttle Standing Street Think Toronto Torontonians Total Track Transit World Yesterday Yonge

SUFE (Second Use For Everything): Blue Donít Especially Everything Find SUFE Saturdayís Second Star Toronto

2015-10-23 Fri

Observations: Anti Artsy Baptist Fartsy Fooled Gravity Park Play Sculpture Yorkminster

Construction: Bloor Clair Hudson Islands Look Store Street Toronto Yonge

2015-10-22 Thu

Toronto Transit Commission: America Bombardier City Clair Class Commission Council Economic Mars North Pilot Powerhouse Project Rogetís Sixth Thesaurus Toronto Transit Twenty West Whatís World Year

Observations: Bloor CANíT College Crane Game Note Often Street Toronto Yonge

2015-10-21 Wed

Clear Thinking.: Europe Questioning Street Tossing Yong

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): Chapmanís Frozen Punch Vermicomposting Yoghurt

2015-10-20 Tue

Observations: Atmosphere Cash Drivers Expect Expensive Grumpy Instant Kerosene Mail Taxi Trees Uber Waiting

Clear Thinking: Billions Bombardier Cost Dollars Effective People Programs Torontoís Transit

2015-10-19 Mon

Clear Thinking: Comparing McCormack Mike Police Sammy Trial Yattin YouTube

Clear Thinking: Assailant Bullets Burst Eliminating Human Immobile Life Safety Second Theory Threat

2015-10-18 Sun

Retired: Jarvis Laverie Local Samsonite Street

Pipe Organs: Avenue Baptist Church Clair Sixty Street Telephone Various Yonge Yorkminster

2015-10-17 Sat

Construction: Bloor CIBC Essential Hudsonís Sorry Thatís Toronto Yonge

Movie Collection: DVDs FREE Iíll Roll Transcribing Winter

2015-10-16 Fri

Sweet and Sour: Agony First KNOW Perhaps Waffles

Observations: Alexander Breadalbane Grenville Street Within Yonge

2015-10-15 Thu

Observations: Family Feel Foods Grocery Healthier Lose Packaged Processed Purchases Unit Weight Youíll

Public Transit: Avenue Bingo Instead Kilometres Steeles Suppose Torontoís Transit

2015-10-14 Wed

Clear Thinking: Advanced Gambling Horse Liberals Nation Overview Politically Race Strategic Voting

Clear Thinking : Attack Ceremonial Dagger Detector Iíll Metal Screen Terrorist

2015-10-13 Tue

Observations: Buildings Looking Stormy Sunlight Taken Yellow

Clear Thinking: Likewise Management Masters Measures Remember Suppose Thai

2015-10-12 Mon

Observations: Coffee Observations Spilled Spots Stains

Why Toronto Doesnít Have Real Trees: City Eleven Last SLOW STOP Spanish Statistics Street Toronto

2015-10-11 Sun

Bird-Brain: Cathy Hence Whatcha

Observations: Aaaaaargh City Hall Itís Nathan North Obviously Outside Philips Phillips RECYCLING Recycling Reduce Reuse Square Toronto Torontoís Trouble Wrong

2015-10-10 Sat

Pay for WASTING Water: Around Californiaís Life Suppose

Pay for Wasting Packaging: Suppose Toronto Turn

2015-10-09 Fri

Observations: Amongst Apart Barrie Blue Bolton Buses CAUTION Drivers Game Jays Justin Liar Milton Orangeville Thanksgiving Toronto Train Trains Transit Trudeau

2015-10-08 Thu

Observations: Lend Soap

Clear Thinking: Actually Against Ciano Council Councilor Justin Suppose THIRTY Toronto

2015-10-07 Wed

Clear Thinking: Give Incidents Mondayís Star Toronto Wednesdayís

Observations: Area Bradford Brock Burlington Clarington GTHA Greater Gwillimbury However Metro Metropolitan Oshawa Region Scugog Star Tecumseh Toronto Torontonian Welcome West Whitby

2015-10-06 Tue

Observations: McDonalds Note STOP Street Work Yonge

Observations: Europe Hidden Toronto Truth

2015-10-05 Mon

Observations: Buried Card City Commission Council Hooray Letís Oops Presto Toronto Torontonians Torontoís Transit Uber Utter

Clear Thinking: Articles Muslim Muslims Note

2015-10-04 Sun

Clear Thinking: HUGE Lawyers Living SAVINGS

Observations: Audubonís Flocks Library Passenger Pigeons Reference Toronto

2015-10-03 Sat

Clear Thinking: Arabic Forty Star Thursdayís Toronto

2015-10-02 Fri

Observations: Avenue Broadview Coxwell Danforth Spotted

Union-Pearson Express (UP): Airport Bureau Express Pearson Station Toronto Tourist Union York

2015-10-01 Thu

2015-09-30 Wed

Union Express: Commission Saturdayís Star Station Toronto Transit Union

Observations: Charles Drug Mart Shoppers Theyíve Yonge

2015-09-29 Tue

Union Express: News Toronto Worse

Toronto Transit Commission: Amongst Brampton Chris Commission Cross Fairview General Hospital Imagine Itís Jane Mall Mississauga North Post Rogers Station Street Subway Toronto Tower Transit Upfold York

2015-09-28 Mon

Energy Ė Part 3 of 3: Grid Imagine Unlike Users

Clear Thinking: Globe Isaac Mail Newton PLUS SQUARE Sixty Solo TIMES Think Thursdayís Typical

2015-09-27 Sun

Energy Ė Part 2 of 3: Derail Drinking However Hydrodgen Liquid Oxygen Pure Refineries Storage

Clear Thinking: Answer City Class North PATH Pshaw Quay Queens SOUTH Station Toronto Torontoís Union World

2015-09-26 Sat


Energy Ė Part 1 of 3: Aden Balkan Britainís British Falkland Fuel Islands Mediterranean Middle Navy Refueling Royal Whither

2015-09-25 Fri

Ugly Toronto: College Park

Retired: Avenue Baptist Church Clair Iíll Park Wednesdayís Yorkminster

2015-09-24 Thu

Retired: Bures Chevreuse Orsay Remy Saint Sigh Ville Yvette

Retired: Avenue Baptist Church Clair Park Ryerson Star Street Toronto University Yorkminster

Ugly Toronto: College Good Park Thatís Toronto

2015-09-23 Wed

Retired: Montereau Sigh

Itís To Laugh:

Clear Thinking: Apples Boulevard Charging Expressway Gardiner Lakeshore Letting Oranges Substitute Systems Tolls Transit Valley

2015-09-22 Tue

Observations: Noon North Plus Street Yonge

Observations: Gerrard Parliament Rock Roll Spotted Street

2015-09-21 Mon

Construction: Actually Alexander Armed Blurry Breadalbane Chris Christmas College Iíll Ryerson Star Street Taken Toronto Total University Wellesley YMCA Yonge

2015-09-20 Sun

Retired: Cube Iíll Neckerís

Observations: Toronto Wellington

2015-09-19 Sat

Clear Thinking: Ashley Machines Madison Test Turing


2015-09-18 Fri

Observations: Bookstore Breadalbane Elliotís Lane Letís Lukeís YMCA

Clear Thinking: Britain German Germanyís Immigration Using

2015-09-17 Thu

Observations: Digest Practical Readerís Solver

Observations: Excepting Library Psychic Reader Street Toronto Yonge

Ugly Toronto: Isabella Jarvis Street

2015-09-16 Wed

Clear Thinking: Britain CRTs Certainly Dogs Frankly Golden Labrador MRIs Podcast Probably Retriever Spanish Weíre

Observations: HUGE McDonalds McMuffin Todayís

2015-09-15 Tue


SUFE (Second Use For Everything): French Iíll Mounted Radio SIDE Station

Observations: College MARS Street Today Toronto

2015-09-14 Mon

Long Live The Queen: Coach ELIZABETH Elizabeth King Minister Prime QUEEN Queen Remember Royal Wherever

Retired: Google Library Riverdale Sanderson

2015-09-13 Sun

Observations: Blue Hooray Jays Ought Skydome Spreadsheet Star Thursdayís Toronto

The UBER Conflict: Alliance Autocoder City Computer Council Itís Licensing Lotus Moini Personal Sadly Staff Taxi Taxis Today Toronto Uber Yesterday ZERO

2015-09-12 Sat

Observations: Change Regardless Thatís

Clear Thinking: Calling Distracted Drivers Driving Drunk Licensed Park Proof Send Speeding Suppose

2015-09-11 Fri

Clear Thinking: Beck City Globe Mail Taxi Toronto Uber

Retired: Think Toronto

Clear Thinking: Conservative Figure Officer Party Premier Thinking

2015-09-10 Thu

Elections: Election Lifetime Politician Sights Thought

Banking: Chelsea Eaton Fiscal Peeved Prodigal RBCís

Clear Thinking: Beware Canadians Suppose Thinking

2015-09-09 Wed

Retired: Bloor English French Irwin Japanese Phone Spanish Street Streets Stunned Think Toronto Turns Yonge Yorkville

2015-09-08 Tue

Observations: Charles Dickensís Labour Star Toronto Utopia

Observations: Canadian Carlton Exhibition First Hydro Last National Street Toronto Transit Turbine Urban Wind

2015-09-07 Mon

Retired: Holiday Itís Star Toronto

Clear Thinking: Duke Eleven Enlarges Humans Normandy Telling Toronto William

Sex Education:

2015-09-06 Sun

Clear Thinking: British Rail Suppose Thinking

Clear Thinking: Algebra Brian Calculus Cassibault Feld Geometry Heavenly Indoctrinated Running STATE Trigonometry Wendy

2015-09-05 Sat

Clear Thinking: Cell Chemical Double Extraction Fuel Gasoline Hydrodgen Iíve Natural Petro Refining Resource Windmills

Observations: Bins City Council Garbage IMHO Street Toronto

2015-09-04 Fri

The Toronto Olympics: Enough Games Good Olympic Olympics Powers Toronto Torontoís

Toronto Loses Control: Itís Toronto

Observations: Calvert Iíll

2015-09-03 Thu

Clear Thinking: Dropping President States Thinking United Unless

Clear Thinking: Europe Kurloi Moldavia Pierre Unless YEAR

2015-09-02 Wed

Observations: Aura Bath Cartons Nope

Observations: Construction Garbage Remnants Site

2015-09-01 Tue

Tripping: Iíve Milton Today

Clear Thinking: Couldnít Cross Garbage Geraldton Iíve Narrogin Nowadays

Clear Thinking: City Council Toronto

2015-08-31 Mon

Toronto Olympics: Bridge Donít Games Harbour House Jamaican Milton Olympic Olympics Opera Skydome Sydney Think Toronto Velodrome Visitor

Observations: College Drug Dump Grosvenor Hereís Mart Plus Shoppers Street Yonge

2015-08-30 Sun

The UP Union-Pearson Express: Actually Admittedly Aunt Bloor Buskerfest Counting Danforth Ding Donít East Elsieís Everyone Express Expressway Gardiner Honest Hooray Hotel Inaccessible Kipling Paris Pearson Platform Presto Royal Sigh Skydome Station Street THINK Toronto Train Transit Twenty Union York

2015-08-29 Sat

Observations: Iíve Wouldnít

SUFE: Enter Recycle Recycling Reduce Reducing Rename Reuse

2015-08-28 Fri

Buskerfest: Buskerfest CLOSED Canadaís College Gerrard Street Taking Toronto Torontonians Truly Yonge

Retired: Charlieís Country King Simcoe Street TIFF

2015-08-27 Thu

Observations: Delivery Dundas Free Joint Pizza Street

Australiana: Dollars Thirteen Vegemite

2015-08-26 Wed

Clear Thinking: Aaaaaargh Aranjuez Excel GONE Montereau Pension Rambouuillet Star Toronto Yuma

2015-08-25 Tue

Clear Thinking: Brer Cheating Donít Lying Moral People Rabbit

Clear Thinking: Ahead Blockage Blocked Cars Computers Inside Instead Lane Route Whatís WiFi Wouldnít

2015-08-24 Mon

2015-08-21 Fri

Clear Thinking: Adelaide America Australia Consider Crash Europe KNOW Landing Literally Middle North People Perth Reverse Rick Salutinís Seats Sometimes Star Think Toronto

Microsoft is Not a Software Company: Heading List Numbering Office

2015-08-19 Thu

Clear Thinking: Chip Disclaimer Fast Hubbard Industry Kristine Rail Railway Stands Taxi Taxis Trains Transit Trouble Trucks

2015-08-19 Wed

Observations: Canadian Exhibition First Populations Reduced School Teenagers

2015-08-18 Tue

Clear Thinking: Challenged Fatness Flabby Genetics Heredity Obesity Overweight Short Shortness Skinny Tallness Thinness Upbringing Vertically

2015-08-17 Mon

Clear Thinking: Advisory Argument Billions Debate Despite Dollars Group Millions Premier Schools Star Toronto Underused

2015-08-16 Sun

Observations: City Class Creatures Nocturnal Party Paying Perth Summer Toronto Vacations World

2015-08-15 Sat

Clear Thinking: Duffy Harris Mike Nigel Steve Steven Superior Wright

2015-08-14 Fri

Memories: America Association Australian Blue Brings Cleese Football Jays John North Rules Score Toronto Total Whatís

2015-08-13 Thu

Clear Thinking: City Cnut Council King Lobby Remember SMART Someone Taxi Toronto

Clear Thinking: Uber Uberís

Clear Thinking: Bandit Hitler Nazi Youíre

2015-08-12 Wed

Observations: Hemisphere Jupiter Northern Planet Spot

Observations: Analogies Brain Human

Observations: Methane Temperature

2015-08-11 Tue

Observations: Gerrard Partially Yonge

Observations: Holland Quay Queens Star Toronto West

2015-08-10 Mon

Observations: Cobourg None

2015-08-09 Sun

Howís My Logic?: Indian Ocean Reunion

2015-08-08 Sat

Wasting Time: Canadian Charles Fernyough Globe High Hotel Light Mail Pieces Poverty Ryerson School Star Stricken Toronto University Yuppies

2015-08-07 Fri

Medical and Dietary Advice: Avocado Avocados Bottom Cuisine Edwardian English General Italianate John Pear Practitioner Prichard Tannins

Clear Thinking: Drake None Shooting Stop Toronto

2015-08-06 Thu

Observations: Apparently Aura College Cranes Down Give Kitchener Last Makes Observations Park Street Tornado Toronto Tower Yonge

Clear Thinking: Carbon Darwinian Evolution Guardian Hydrogen Lithium Milky NOCH Nitrogen Obviously Oxygen Phosphorous SCIENCE SETI Science Silicon Sudoku Sulfur WEEKLY Weekly

2015-08-05 Wed

Clear Thinking: Faster Gradient Slope Star Toronto

Clear Thinking: Choose THINKING Youíre

2015-08-04 Tue

Clear Thinking: Countries Human Lion Lions Reality

Clear Thinking: American Canadian Continent HitchBot North Robot

2015-08-03 Mon

Factoids: Factoids Toronto

Grotto Mottoes:

2015-08-02 Sun

Canada Revenue Agency: Credit Energy GOOD Lenient Ontario Property Switching Within

Clear Writing: Erlich Preposterous Press Princeton Propositions Ravnskov Robert University

2015-08-01 Sat

Clear Thinking: Barrie Bradford COURSE Commission Guelph News Note Peterborough Police Toronto Tourists Transit Wrap

2015-07-31 Fri

Clear Thinking: Airline Slaps Think

First Past the Post Voting: Canadian Canadians Education Honest Leave Leaving People System

2015-07-30 Thu

Mistakes in Cooking: Delicious Knead Teaspoon Twenty

Observations: Antares Australia Bakelite Cross Hello Julie Metzke's Mincham Office Post Southern Speaking Telephones Theory Turner Western

2015-07-29 Wed

Clear Thinking: Canadians However Killer McCormack Mick Police Problem Star Toronto

Clear Thinking: Altogether City Council Good Light Management Measures Nonsense Period Rail Sheppard Something Star Toronto Tory Transit White Wynne

2015-07-28 Tue

Clear Thinking: City Clerk Council Toronto

Clear Thinking: FWIW Strictly Torontonians

2015-07-27 Mon

Clear Thinking:

Clear Thinking: Aldershot Business Central District Hamilton Pooling Singapore Star Toronto Transit Union

2015-07-26 Sun

Clear Thinking: Australia Canada Compulsory Ontario Servant Voting

Clear Thinking: Direct Double Grain Quotation Quotes Salt

Now, about those Transit System Expansions: Avenue Bloor Carrots Casino Commission Eglinton Gaming Kipling Lotteries Markham Ontario Prices Private Race Rogers Royal Sponsorship Suppose Track Westwood Woodbine Yonge

2015-07-25 Sat

Clear Thinking: Australia Canada Compulsory Ontario Servant Voting

Clear Thinking: Direct Double Grain Quotation Quotes Salt

Now, about those Transit System Expansions: Avenue Bloor Carrots Casino Commission Eglinton Gaming Kipling Lotteries Markham Ontario Prices Private Race Rogers Royal Sponsorship Suppose Track Westwood Woodbine Yonge

2015-07-24 Fri

Memories: Arctic Australia Earth Entered Geophysical International Iíve Jolly Jupiter Mars Mercury Merredin Mister Neptune Nine North Pluto Pole Saturn States Submarine Under United Uranus Venus Western Year

Clear Thinking: Correctness Disclaimer Iíve MPís Political Regardless

2015-07-23 Thu

Clear Thinking: Canada City Etobicoke Question Scarborough Star Toronto Wednesdayís Whenever

Clear Thinking: City Council Nortel Star Toronto Wednesdayís

2015-07-22 Wed

Uberís Clear Thinking: City Taxi Toronto Uber

Uberís Clear Thinking: Chhabra European Fear Hamilton Systems Transit Uber Uberís

Clear Thinking: Hamilton Kenilworth King Mohawk North Ottawa Railway Street System Transit

2015-07-21 Tue

Toronto Transit Commission: Clair Commission FWIW France Islington Iíve Longer Mississauga Ontario Paris Pilot Project Shorter Southern Toronto Transit Translinean Twohour

Why Toronto Canít Grow Trees: AVERAGE Adelaide Australia Canberra FWIW Leafy Star Toronto Trees

2015-07-20 Mon

Pan Am Games: Aussie Australia British Canada Canadians Empire Fall Independence James Lawrence Rise Soldiers Toronto Torontonians

Economics: Community Crowd Europe Funding Graduation Parent Parents Trivial University Whatís

Toronto Transit Commission: Agincourt Andrew Bloor Branch Commission Commissionís Danforth Eglinton Etobicoke Exhibition George Guildwood Hill Including Kennedy King Kipling Long MetroPass Mimico North Remember Rouge Scarborough Station Steeles Subway Think Toronto Transit Union University West Weston York

2015-07-19 Sun

Torontoís Finest: Carding Note Police Toronto

Clear Thinking:

Canada Post: CUSTOMERS Canada Last Long Mail Post Postal Postsís Todayís

2015-07-18 Sat

Clear Thinking: German Last Star Toronto

Road Congestion in Toronto: Front Mister Penske Station Street Toronto Torontoís Union

Why Toronto Canít Grow Trees: College Street Toronto Underneath Yonge

2015-07-17 Fri

Clear Thinking: Bernard George Print Pygmalion Shaw Uber

Clear Thinking: City Council Nortel Toronto

When Training Fails: Clearly Fire Police Toronto

2015-07-16 Thu

Toronto Ė Frontier City: Australia Police Star Toronto West Western Wild

Toronto Transit Commission : Avenue Barrie Bramalea Brampton Card Centre Clair Commission Durham Hamilton Mississauga Oakville Ontario Peterborough Presto Region Southern Toronto Town Transit York

2015-07-15 Wed

Memories: Arctic Australia Earth Entered Geophysical International Iíve Jolly Jupiter Mars Mercury Merredin Mister Neptune Nine North Pluto Pole Saturn States Submarine Under United Uranus Venus Western Year

Clear Thinking: Canada City Etobicoke Hereís Question Scarborough Star Toronto Wednesdayís Whenever

2015-07-14 Tue

Clear Thinking: Disclaimer Edge High Imagine Iíll Ontario Quantities School Slippery Slope Thin Think Toronto Wedge

Clear Thinking: City Council Drivers Hereís Pan†Am Taxi Toronto Twitter Uber Uber†drivers

2015-07-13 Mon

Clear Thinking: Amsterdam Barrie Boxing Cards Column Commission Computing Hamilton History Host Municipalities Municipality Nepalese Ontario Pan†Am Pan†Am†Greeters Peterborough Punched Southern Specialized Toronto Transit True Uxbridge

Clear Thinking: Humbug Margins Profit Sorry Toronto

2015-07-12 Sun

Observations: Avenue Chelsea District Eaton Gerrard Hereís Hospital University Work

Why Toronto Canít Grow Trees: Chance City Give Toronto Trees

2015-07-11 Sat

Economics: Bread Enterprise Flour Hamilton Share Systems Transit Wheat Whole ZipCar

Why Toronto Canít Grow Trees: Bacteria Boulevard College Dausmenil Dugommier Fungi Note Parisians Think Toronto Torontonians Trees

2015-07-10 Fri

Clear Thinking: Brampton Light Mississauga Rail Transit

Clear Thinking: Systems Transit

2015-07-09 Thu


Clear Thinking : Canadaís Members Parliament People Quick Senators

2015-07-08 Wed

Strategy for Extended Warranties: Bottom Extended Warranty

Heavy-Watering Not Required: Heavy Nuclear Plants Water

2015-07-07 Tue

Observations on HOV lanes: Education Games Note PanAm Smartphone Toronto

Observations: Absolute Feds Power Product

2015-07-06 Mon

Observations on HOV lanes: Call Daily Education Hereís Itís PanAm Smartphone Some Theyíve Toronto

Clear Thinking about Toronto Police: Kettling Makes Police They Toronto

2015-07-05 Sun

Clear Thinking: Crawling Driving Tweeting Which While

Observations: Hereís Iíve

2015-07-04 Sat

Observations: Again Once

Observations: Again IMHO Kidding Sigh Somebodies

2015-07-03 Fri

Clear Thinking: Crawling Driving Tweeting Which While

Observations: Hereís Iíve

2015-07-02 Thu

Observations: Again Once

Observations: Again IMHO Kidding Sigh Somebodyís

2015-07-01 Wed

Another shooting: AFTER After Here Remember Same Star Toronto Which Your

Observations: Automatic Clear Door Drug Iíve Last Mart Note Shoppers Stand

2015-06-30 Tue

Keeping Money and Losing Weight: Dollars Europe Itís Iíve Letís Mobile Nineteen Paris Plus Rogersí Seventy Thatís Then

Climate Change: Celsius Change Climate Consider Cooling Define East Fahrenheit Fifteen Global Kelvin Likewise Liverpool Make Moon Over Oxygen PANIC Pittsburgh Problem Reaumur SUVs Sheet THAT Thatís They Thousand Toronto Warming Where Wisconsin

2015-06-29 Mon

Observations: Also Gerrard People Ryerson Street Think University

Torontoís Pride: Clause Itís Noisy Parade Pride Santa Street Yonge

2015-06-28 Sun

The UPX Airport Express: After Aikins Airport America Anne Could Does Donít Express Getting Indeed Marie Metrolinx North Pearson Really Riding Star Station Stay THEY Then Toronto Transitís Union Unless What When

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss: Iíve Sure

2015-06-27 Sat

Transitory Thoughts: Airport Better City Doesnít Fred Local Newmarket Paris Relief Star Steeles THAT That Then There They Think Thinking Toronto Train Triang

ďThey are Bigger and Older Than UsĒ: Bramalea Brampton Centre Mississauga Oakville Speaking TOGETHER These They Toronto Town University

2015-06-26 Fri

Mathematics: City Iíve Ontario Toronto

Getting Away From It All: Ontario Presumably

2015-06-25 Thu

Buried Within the Article:


2015-06-24 Wed

Clear Thinking: Excepting Iíll Pick Vehicles

Clear Thinking: Alpha Avenue Beta Browns City Consider Council Delta Done EVERY EXCUSES Gamma Hereís Honking Hour Imagine Itís Line Make Meadowvale Morningside Note Once Public REST Sigh Steeles THEY Thank That There Toronto Transit Ward Weíre

2015-06-23 Tue

TTC Fare Disputes: Fair Torontonians

Pan-Am Games: Again Better Between College Gerrard Instead SOMEONE Toronto Well Yonge

2015-06-22 Mon

Clear Thinking: Based Chinese Dawkins Hard Indigenous Iíve Juries Kennewick LESS Rainbow Richard Science Unweaving Whispers

I Feel Rich: Even Iíve What Where

2015-06-21 Sun

Second Use For Everything (SUFE):

How Not To Sell A Service: Code ISPís Internet Postal Provider Service

2015-06-20 Sat

TTC Shutdown: Colle Councilor Every Josh Nonsense Passengers' Ross SOME Shuttle Toronto

TTC Shutdown: BOTH CANíT Clearly Commission Donít From HAVE Jacksonville National Nonsense Nothing Paris Post TTCís This Toronto Tory Transit Vancouver WAYS What Whatís When

2015-06-19 Fri

TTC Shutdown: Advanced Bloor Brad Client Commission Crews Danforth Donít Elephant Excel FWIW Finch From Geek Good Griffiths Hereís Iíll Karen King Leaving Mills Nonsense Opening Power Ross Same Sheppard Shutdown Star Steeles Supply THOSE Thank Thatís There Toronto Transit Uninterruptible University Utter Weíre What Whatever White Work Yonge York

2015-06-18 Thu

Clear Tinkering: Bradford Cathy City Cycle DIFFERENT Drivers Driving Eastbound Elizabeth Expressway Gardiner Given Here Lake Niagara Note Ontario Parkway Peninsula Perhaps PrtScr Queen Star THEN This Toronto Transit Valley Walk Westbound Weíre Whatís Yorkdale

Observations: Americans Bracciolini City College Cones Cross Games Headquarters LAST Line Looks OTOH Orange Outside Police Tape Terranuova There This Toronto What Woodbridge Yellow

2015-06-17 Wed

Clear Thinking: Donít Every Everybody Except Here Iíve Newspapers Recent Since Then Todayís Utter

Toronto Police: Beat Bobby Brains Buying Eyes Hundred Imagine Their

2015-06-16 Tue

Observations: Africa African Alan Australia Burton Central England Francis Hanning John Last Moreheadís Nile Richard Speke Thatís Western White With Yilgarn

Clear Thinking: DONíT Whatever Youíll

Our Parents Lied To Us: Commission Forget Think

2015-06-15 Mon

Observations: Discover Ontarioís Privacy Your

Observations: Condoms Fortnight Makes Pride Rainbow Traditional Week

Clear Thinking: Iíll Quite Thatís Walked

2015-06-14 Sun

Clear Thinking: Brian Caroline Chemistry Cross Dixie Douglas Feld GSSHS Governor High Kevin Kurloi Like Macleod Mister Norman Physics Pierre Puzey School Senior Southern Stirling Thank That University

Our Parents Lied To Us: Crime Does Enough Last Peterborough Thatís

2015-06-13 Sat

Canada Post: Australia Business Canada Fiorito Iíve Plan Post Postís Star Three Toronto

Observations: Bear Claws Clerk Itís Metro Ryerson Security Sobeyís Star Supermarkets Toronto University

2015-06-12 Fri

Observations: Almost Aura College Coming Games Observations Park These Weeds

Torontoís Arrested Development: Bicycles Bike Chicago Here Montreal Share Small Star Stations Toronto Torontoís Washington York

2015-06-11 Thu

Observations: Imitating Life Real

Observations: Across Chelsea Eaton Gerrard Hotel Street Which Yonge

2015-06-10 Wed

TTC Shutdown: Advanced Bloor Brad Commission Danforth Donít Elephant Excel Finch From Griffithís Karen King Leaving Mills Opening Ross Same Sheppard Star Steeles THOSE Thank Thatís There Toronto Transit University Utter Weíre White Work Yonge York

TTC Shutdown: Brad Client Crews FWIW Geek Good Hereís Iíll Nonsense Power Ross Supply Uninterruptible What Whatever

TTC Shutdown: Colle Councilor Every Josh Nonsense Passengers' Ross SOME Shuttle Toronto

TTC Shutdown: BOTH CANíT Clearly Commission Donít From HAVE Jacksonville National Nonsense Nothing Paris Post TTCís This Toronto Tory Transit Vancouver WAYS What Whatís When

2015-06-09 Tue

Observations: Angela Burge Chopin Debussy Electrical Liszt Many Next Park When

Clear Thinking: Hydro Note Ontario Power Province Veto

2015-06-08 Mon

Second Use For Everything (SUFE):

Construction: Eighteen Obviously

Stupid Thinking: Public Relations Star Toronto What

2015-06-07 Sun

Observations: Expressway Gardiner More Well

Clear Thinking: Instead There Whatís Whoa

2015-06-06 Sat


The Local Police ...: Hereís Instead Letís Police Sammy Toronto Yatin York

Clear Thinking: Accessibility Borrow EVERYWHERE Hereís Just Relax Take Well What Youíll

2015-06-05 Fri

Clear Thinking: Bonus East Extra North Simple Swings That Toronto Transit When

Clear Thinking: Clothing FiFi Fifiís Gain Happens Hereís Heís Indeed Jafri Mubshar Private Public Safety Star There Toronto Whenever

2015-06-04 Thu

Observations: Another Aura Avenue Buses Chelsea Condominium Construction Eaton Hotel Northbound Sigh Street There Toronto Traffic University

Clear Thinking: After Largest Members Might Parliament Shareholder Think

2015-06-03 Wed

Retired: Andrews Church Fridays Holy James Metropolitan Mondays Music Paulís Trinity Tuesdays United

Clear Thinking: Ancient Fair Gilbert Haydnís Hymns Lady Mass Modern More Nelson Oklahoma Organ Parades Pipe Sonata Sullivan WORDS

2015-06-02 Tue

Clear Thinking: Bell Curve Dewey Golding Grisham Henry James John None Outside Shakespeare Study William

2015-06-01 Mon

Retired: Beds Flower Games Grenville Headquarters Ignore Police Street This

Retired: Avenue Bell Clair Donít Iíll Only Polloi Staff Street Trinity Well Yonge

2015-06-31 Sun

Clear Thinking: Accident Beater Cobblers Collisions Crashes Drone Drones Helicopters Kitchen Momentum Otherwise Rotational They This

2015-06-30 Sat

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): Corollary Summer While

2015-05-29 Fri

Clear Thinking: Assemble California Missed North Opportunity Runoff Think True

Transit: CLOSE DONíT Focus Having Iíve STATIONS THREE Youíre

2015-05-28 Thu

Clear Thinking: America Carding Donut Given North Police Shops Toronto

Clear Thinking: Armed Board Canada Canít Chances Control Could Forces LCBO Letís Liquor Ontario Post Suppose Thatís This VERY

2015-05-27 Wed

Clear Thinking: Indeed University What Wonder

Rob Ford: BOTH City Ford Fordís Hall Pictures Thatís Whatís

2015-05-26 Tue

Retired: City College Coming Everywhere Front Games Late Much Street Toronto

Clear Thinking: Grade They What Wonder

2015-05-25 Mon

Clear Thinking: Fare However Note Since UsualFare

Clear Thinking: Amazingly Humble Opinion Star Toronto

2015-05-24 Sun

Taping the Radio: Adelaide After Another Duct Iíve Tape Taping Tuning Volume Wheel

Clear Thinking: Chris Correct Disclaimer Greaves Guess Indeed Iíll Male PersonsTitle Sadly Some Somewhere Then Toon

2015-05-23 Sat

Clear Thinking: Abuse Female Gentle Indeed Issues Real Reporter Yesterday

Clear Thinking: Continent Country Donít Grown Iíll Next Province State

2015-05-22 Fri

Retired: Andy Bamboo Endlessly House Patrons Thanks Williams

Retired: College Hereís Leave Seal Street There Underneath Yonge

2015-05-21 Thu

Retired: Carlton Church College Come France French Hello Itís Metropolitan North Street THIS They United Well What Where Yonge

2015-05-20 Wed

Second Use For Everything (SUFE):

Clear Thinking Ė Also Much Laughter: City Feels Hall Last Lawrence Privileged Queen Same Star This Toronto Works Yonge

2015-05-19 Tue

Clear Thinking: Average Death Ontario Part Professional Retirement Salaried Same Today Toronto Unless Well What Woman Working

2015-05-18 Mon

Clear Thinking: After Assessment Camera Clear Considered Courtesy Decision Female Fired Good Hydro Judgment Letís Like Making Mention Rational Reporters Respect Rightly Situations Sound Thinking Tolerance WERE Ways Wisdom

2015-05-17 Sun

Retired: Andrews Beethoven Born Canadian Chopin Church Competition Even FIRST FOUR Gilbert Leonard Liszt Music Presbyterian Read Schumann Thatís There Toronto Vanilla Victoria When Yilgarn

ďBarefoot In The ParkĒ? Over my dead body!: Apart Cemeteries Having Just Often Read That YOUR Years

2015-05-16 Sat

Clear Thinking: Canada Canadian Canadians Claims European Europeans That

Clear Thinking: Canada Card Debit Iíll Royal

2015-05-15 Fri

Clear Thinking: Forgo Marketing Nasty Sales There Weíre

Clear Thinking: Abandoning Construction Furthermore Liberal MARS Nothing Orange Party Plants Power This

2015-05-14 Thu

Weight Loss: Avenue Chapmanís Clair Donít French Frozen Harveyís Iíll Iíve Street That Yoghurt Yonge

Retired: Avenue Before Bloor East Farnham Here Hudson Lakeshore Look South Street Terraces Toronto West Yonge

2015-05-13 Wed

Retired: Dinosaur Inflatable Juvenile Prankster Purple Quite

Canadaís Image: Amtrak Antonio Arizona Arrive Buffalo Canada Chicago City Dallas Given Iíve Lake Louis Salt Sigh Station Toronto Union Vegas Yuma

2015-05-12 Tue

Clear Thinking: Auschwitz Forgiveness Guard Mercy Pardon

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): BEFORE Ryerson University

2015-05-11 Mon

Letís put Jack Lakey out of business!: Also Castle City Cone Cones Council Dangling Demerit Donít Early Frank Games Hole Iíll Iíve Jack Lakey Merit Need Orange Ossington Points Someone Star Taxicab That This Toronto Tree Uneven Wellesley What Whatís Where Wonít Yellow Yonge Your

2015-05-10 Sun

Fire!: About Alarm Avenue Buildingís Canadian Chris Detector Fire Five Grosvenor Itís Iíve MetU Smoke Sorry Street This Tire Toronto Truck Trucks Vincent Well Whooping Yonge Yorkville

Well, this is NOT Encouraging: Acrid Alderwood Another Anyone Back Blind Blue Boulevard Brown's Check Children's Christmas Continues Crowd Deep Enter Etobicoke Fire Fireman Firemen Flattened Foundation Gathers Georgia Good Hall Help It's Jays Jo's Just Lakeshore Least Legion Line Lots Maybe Might Montreal More Nope North Nothing Outside Power Puzzled Quick Smoke Sony Sorry Sound Still Suddenly Suleman Super Supply THEY Table That's There They They'd Three Traffic Trapped Uninterruptible Well Wellington Westbound What Where Whooping Wish Word

2015-05-09 Sat

Rapacious Banks: Bank Canada Royal Star Toronto Wednesdayís Whereas

2015-05-08 Fri

Floating Islands: Brickworks Evergreen Here Whatís YouTube

Your Call Is Important To Us: Ellinsís Leslie Star Todayís Toronto

2015-05-07 Thu

Retired: After Bowl Bread Donít Duct Four Hefty Itís Rinsed

Clear Thinking/TTC: Boulevard CLOSE DOES Either Expressway Gardiner Harbour High IMHO King Lake Lakeshore Ontario Park Pedestrians Push Queen Read Removing Star Station Steeles THIS Toronto Turn Union Valley Wednesdayís What ZOOMS

2015-05-06 Wed

Second Use For Everything (SUFE):

Clear Thinking: Boans Cross Daddy Gillette Hereís Iíve Life Mummy Ontario Pretty Reproduction Southern Three Today Todayís Which Would

2015-05-05 Tue

Retired: Brickworks Broadview Colemanís Creek Evergreen Free Garrison Good Here People Professor Shuttle Station This Toronto Tropical

Retired: Bloor CIBC Iíve Over Street Yonge

2015-05-04 Mon

Retired: Cross Library Scollard Small Southern Toronto Town Which Yorkville

TTC: Aimee's Aimeeís Airport Aunt Bloor Danforth Dundas Europe Iíve Kipling Presto Real Rocket Scarborough Soon Station Still Street Subway There Toronto Union

2015-05-03 Sun

Retired: ALWAYS Annette College Dupont East Everything George Hasnít Itís Iíll Iíve Jane Keele Later Latin MORAL Mass Museum Ossington Park People Perception Queens Sitting Spadina Spanish Station Street Subway TTCíd Then Thereís Truth University Until Whatís Yonge

Retired: Aura Avenue Away Bloor CIBC Clair Detail Gerrard Hereís Hudsonís Library Ontario Street Yonge Yorkville

2015-05-02 Sat

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): Donít Hereís Same Toronto

Retired: After Avenue Bach Baptist Casavant City Clair Contra Gamba Here LieblichflŲte Maybe Music Nazard Neat Nothing Organ Park Pipe Pipes Ranks There Toronto Verso Yonge Yorkminster

2015-05-01 Fri

Eating Out: Cathy College Dundas Maybe Noodles Nothing Queen Shanghai Street Toronto Vermicomposting When Yonge

Retired: Better Bright Crocuses Dandelions Grass Green LOVE Robins Street Yellow Yonge

2015-04-30 Thu

Retired: Backpack Collected From Glancing Good Iíll Just Library Minister Nope North PLAY Prime Reaching Rosedale Saskatchewan Scollard Street Summerhill Toronto University Wellesley Yonge Yorkville Young

Clear Thinking: Australia Bayswater Carded Chief Every Iíve Ontarioís Police RIDE Star Todayís Toronto Western

2015-04-29 Wed

Clear Thinking: Although Australia BECAUSE Calgary Captain Centre Corelliís Flight France French Frites Himalayan Mandolin Nepal Northern Ontario Steak Toronto Western

Retired: Apple Racing This Tree Trees

2015-04-28 Tue

Retired: Apple Stay Tree Tuned

Clear Thinking: Boardís Collision Come Companies Laws Passengers Privacy Rate Schools True Worst

2015-04-27 Mon

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): Bags Biologically Degradable Degrade Resources Waste Yours

Clear Thinking: Bring Burning Formula

2015-04-26 Sun

Clear Thinking: Drowned Holds Humans Hundreds Migrants Refugees Were

Clear Thinking: Astroturf KNOW Read SkyDome

2015-04-25 Sat

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): Garbage Spectrum Whatís

Retired: Andrewís Bach Bachís Beethoven Presbyterian Schumann Scriabin Scriabinís Surely

2015-04-24 Fri

Computing: Coast Dell Google Inspiron Star Toronto West

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): Bartlett City Council Except Golden Look Once Something Toronto

2015-04-23 Thu

Clear Thinking: Apples Avenue Comparing Donít Especially Here Kipling Most Oranges Park School Speaking University Victoria

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): Fertilizer When

2015-04-22 Wed

Clear Thinking: Brian Crosby Feld GSSHS Geography Governor High Mathematics Physics Pierre Puzey School Senior Stirling That Then There Universe Which

Toronto City Council: Crump Nope Today Youíd

2015-04-21 Tue

Clear Thinking: Airline CLOSE Chicken Economy Faster Flights Grilled Higher Rage Salad Seat Spacing THAT

Retired: Downtown Gerrard Here Ryerson Street Student Toronto Wrong Yonge

2015-04-20 Mon

Automation: Adelaide Brake Controls Could Drive Enterprise Firsts Friend Going Great Hell Instruments Iíve Just Light Look Nissan Nothing Overdrive Page Park Presumably Ryerson Seat Swiss That There This Toronto Turns Ultima University Unlike Where Your Youíre

Retired: ACER Amusements Calculations Circulation Figure Games Last Library Music Payroll SpaceSniffer Systems This

2015-04-19 Sun

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): Draughts Everything Kings SUFE Second

Retired: Auger Crisis East Global Here Into Look Machines More North Rotation South Start Then West

2015-04-18 Sat

Retired: College Folks Joseph Madrid Spanish Street Studies Sundays There Victoria

2015-04-17 Fri

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): Apart Just Kidding This Toss

Retired: Jimmy Jimmyís Soon Specialty What

2015-04-16 Thu

Welcome To Ontario Ė Now Pay up!: Added Epson Federal Feds Largesse Photo Provincial Provs Recycling Sales THEN Taxes This

The Garbage Spectrum: Didnít Each Perhaps Then This Unless Vermicomposting

2015-04-15 Wed

The Garbage Spectrum: Cartons Fine Letís Library This Yorkville

2015-04-14 Tue

The Garbage Spectrum: Amer Checkers Remember

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): Bins City Green Pylon Replace Vermicompost

Automation: Lake Nothing Ontario Ryerson Scouts University Unperturbed While

2015-04-13 Mon

Global Panicking: Canadaís Earth Freon LIKELY Maybe Note SUVís Seventy Smart Western Whatever

Clear Thinking: Clear Maybe Thereís Thinking Toronto

The Garbage Spectrum: Courtyard Hereís Marriot

2015-04-12 Sun

Camera Storage: Both CARTONS FWIW Gigabytes ONLY What

ReTIRED: ANOTHER Because City Council Grenville Knows Lord Street This Three Toronto West Yonge

2015-04-11 Sat

The Garbage Spectrum: AFAIK Courtyard Garbage Iíll Management Marriot Measures Placing Remember Spectrum Today

Retired. Also Weight Loss: Fridayís Wonít

2015-04-10 Fri

The Garbage Spectrum: Chelsea Eaton Garbage Globe Mail Spectrum

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): Frozen These Yoghurt

2015-04-09 Thu

Landfill Sites and Garbage: Garbage Spectrum Toss

Retired: Actually Although EXIT First Iíll Iíve Lane Reversing Simple That Truck Utility Vincentís Well Which

2015-04-08 Wed

Security and Identity Theft: Come Good Hello Idea Identity Iíve List Never Quiz Security Snap Theft Time User Userís Whose

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): Rise Shine

2015-04-07 Tue

The Garbage Spectrum: Canít Deal Garbage Items Quiz Spectrum Term These Think Today With Yesterday

Second Use For Everything: Armed Carson Classic Classics From Here Hereís Iíve Johnny Mice Phillips Potential Someone That What

2015-04-06 Mon

The Garbage Spectrum: Canít Cardboard Cartons Class Construction Deal Dealing Garbage Glass Here Items Large Morraine Plastics Ridges Shards Spectrum Technical They Timber Today Tomorrow What With Yesterday Youíre

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): Planter Wall

2015-04-05 Sun

The Garbage Spectrum: Bare Boiled Bones Canít Deal Dealing Diesel Fumes Garbage Items Itís Meat Pasta Recycle Rinse Sauce Solutions Spectrum Today Tomorrow Town Vermicomposter What With Yesterday Your

Happy Easter: Christ Christian Christians Dead Easter Good Happy However Incidentally Masses Next Solemn Unless

2015-04-04 Sat

The Garbage Spectrum: Biomass Cadmium Deadly Food Garbage Line Mercury Metals Mother Municipalities Nature Only Plastics Probably Scraps Shards Solutions Spectrum There Tomorrow Toronto Weíll What Wriggler YOUR Yesterday Your

2015-04-03 Fri

The Garbage Spectrum: About Every Garbage More Phillips Spectrum Sputum Star Today Toronto What Yesterdays

Face-Imaging Software: Coolpix Marilyn Monroe Nikon Perhaps Presumably Star THAT THIS This Toronto

2015-04-02 Thu

Global Warming: About Canada Earth Global Hereís Humans Ohio Ontario Pittsburgh River SUVs Serious Some TODAY Toronto Warming What

Rapacious Banks: Automated Bank Canada Cooper Front Gone Hereís Itís MPPs Machine Royal Street Teller That Tommy Turns Which

2015-04-01 Wed

Canada Post and Germanwings: Aranjuez Armed Better Business Email FaceBook Faster Fifty First Island JoinMe Just KNOW KNOWING LinkedIn Luxurious Madrid Metro NOTHING Offices Online Only People Postal Skype Smarter Some Spain Spaniard Spanish That There Today Toronto Twitter Voice Where Whoop

Summer Time!: Fall Star Summer Todayís Toronto

2015-03-31 Tue

Retired: Chris Griffiths Indxr Regards Thank Todd

Clear Thinking: Airbus Canada Germanwings Number Quiz Snap Thatís Three Transport WestJet

2015-03-30 Mon

Clear Thinking: Airbus Canada Germanwings Number Quiz Snap Thatís Three Transport WestJet

Clear Thinking: America Canada Excel Folks Group North Office Post Postal Purolator Revenue Service Sigh Thatís This Using Waddyaknow Year

2015-03-29 Sun

Clear Thinking: Another Articles Depressions Excepting Gold House Increase Look Populations Prices RATE They This Wars World

Clear Thinking: Airbus Computing Germanwings History Just Power That What With

2015-03-28 Sat

Earth Hour Ė Sadly: Amongst Cooling Earth Forbid Global Hour Maybe Once Star That Toronto Warming

Clear Thinking: Advanced Australian Canadian Derek Derekís Driver Good Labbattsí McNaughton National Post Roads Scholarship School South Stuff Training

2015-03-27 Fri


2015-03-26 Thu

Computing History: After Appendix Arguments Basically Because Copyright Entry FULLY FWIW Feynman Gweneth ISBN Leighton NORTON ONLY Ralph Richard

Retired: Andrewís Bach Boring Half Holy King Metropolitan Queen Street Trinity United Walk

2015-03-25 Wed

Clear Thinking: Makes Murder Scene

Let There Be Light!: Construction Half Street That This Toronto Yonge

2015-03-24 Tue

TTC: Australia Bloor College Eglinton Hooray Shuttle Station Street Subway Union Western What Yonge

Retired: Although City Evil Oops Sorry Toronto Well

TTC: Andy Byford Jamesís Mainly Perhaps Royson Star Toronto Your

2015-03-23 Mon

Nostalgia: Crocodile Dundee Kozlowski Linda Thatís

Clear Thinking: Bollocks Congratulations Dedication Quality Resuscitation Teamwork Your

2015-03-22 Sun

Clear Thinking:

Retired: Avenue Clair Fridays Good Thursdays Tuesdays Wednesdays Yorkminster

2015-03-21 Sat

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): After Brush Finally Hereís Mark Multiply Next Once Pull Spend Then

Cooking: Keep Paula Well

2015-03-20 Fri

Retired: Andrews Bloor Breakfast Clair Deer EVERYWHERE Example Fridays Heath However Internet Most Organ Park Presbyterian Ryerson Shave Shower Street Subway Such Then This Tomorrow Tour Yong Yorkville

2015-03-19 Thu

Clear Thinking: Africa Elspeth Europeans Huxleyís Kenya Less Midday Then This

2015-03-18 Wed

Clear Thinking: Angeles Divide Engine Error Europe Hereís Human Imagine Neutral Note ONLY Park This Which

2015-03-17 Tue

What Were They Thinking?: English Kathy Star Toronto Whiting

Retired: Above Another Bach Down Itís Metropolitan There United

2015-03-16 Mon

SUFE - Second Use For Everything: Assign Better Consider FREE I'll James Just Knock Making Only Royston Sallyís This Unwanted

Clear Thinking: Hydro Note

2015-03-15 Sun

Clear Thinking: Avenue BETTER Barn Bloor Bramalea Brampton Bulk COULD Centre Cloverdale Conclusion Downsview East Eglinton Finch From Kennedy Kipling Literally London Look Lots Mairie Mall Mills Mississauga Mississaugaís Montrouge Paris Peripherique Port Same Scarborough Shopping Square Street They Toronto Torontoís Town Transit West

2015-03-14 Sat

Retired: After Algerians American Battlefields City Diary Doorway FREE Here Hereís Heís INCLUDEPICTURE Imagine Itís Iíve Makes Metro North Nowadays Over Paris Part Remember Right Ryerson Smiling Somme Star Story Street Toronto University Unless Walking Well What When Which Yonge

2015-03-13 Fri

Weather: Building City Downtown Itís Kalgoorlie Mundaring Really THIRD Toronto Trades When

SUFE: After ArtsíNíCrafts Difficult Enter Ideal Itís Iíll Iíve Sure When

2015-03-12 Thu

TTC: Airport Avenue Bathurst Bloor Crib Danforth Dufferin Eglinton Finch HALF Letís Lines McDonalds Metro Mississauga Neat Northern Paris Parisians Roughly Scarborough Sheppard Starbucks Station Steeles Taking There Toronto Weston What Yonge

Weight Loss: Iíve That Thatís There

2015-03-11 Wed

Clear Thinking: America Canada Company Everybody FLASH GTHA Money Newmarket North Ontario Slowly There Those When Whenever

TTC: Bathurst City Dundas Itís King QUESTION Queen Spadina Theyíve Well What Will

2015-03-10 Tue

Clear Thinking: Bonus File Hooray Library Public Star Toronto

Clear Thinking: Avenue Bite Hereís Highway Note Steeles Take Toronto Which

2015-03-09 Mon

Clear Thinking: America Canada Just States United

Clear Thinking: ALWAYS Another Case EVER Government Hard Have Hello Just Services Sheila Sheilaís Social Spain THIS They What

2015-03-08 Sun

Clear Thinking: Answer Canada Commissions Given Hereís Imported Industry Light Right Spanish Staples Thatís Using When

2015-03-07 Sat


Retired: BELOW Bank Branch Does GROUND Good LEVEL Line Presumably Royal Subway That Today Windows Yesterday

2015-03-06 Fri

Hat-Less Weight Loss: Brrrr EVENING Spanish Still THIS Walk

Clear Thinking: Another PATH Torontoís

Clear Thinking: Andy Bombardier Byford Star Toronto

2015-03-05 Thu

Clear Thinking: Chris Churchill Crossings Iíve Scramble Star Thursdayís Toronto Torontoís

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): Chips Fittings Gloss Neutral Paint Removing Sanding Sauce Scratches Topcoat Trimmings Undercoat Washing Works

2015-03-04 Wed

Clear Thinking: Gotta These Thing What Where

Free Moolah: Star Thatís Toronto Wednesdayís

2015-03-03 Tue

Cold!: Arctic Canada Earth Itís Likewise Sure Thirty Toronto Torontoís

The Maple Laffs: Hockey Local Records Sixteen Street Team Wouldnít

2015-03-02 Mon

Clear Thinking: Back Board Bulletin COMMUNICATION Cathy Corollary Dawkins Dubya Faces Iíll Pinker Richard Rick Shane Steven Systems There Those

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): Best Bookcase Collection Entertainment Here Massive Shelving Tape Wiped

2015-03-01 Sun

Weight Loss: Iíll Iíve LOOK Mentally Weighing

2015-02-28 Sat

Retired: Because Cashier Contact Fleeting Franís Fully Isnít Lady Letís Operator Passenger Stranger That This Today Total Wonderful Yesterday

2015-02-27 Fri

Cold!: Average Coldest Cooling Foundation Global Imagine Minimum Shaky Temperature Warming With

2015-02-26 Thu

Cold!: Cold College Courtyard Death Inside Last Marriot Maximum Meanwhile Minimum Most Night Normal Over Perhaps RIVER Ryerson Sheís Starbucks Station Subway Texas Thatís This Toronto University

2015-02-25 Wed

Clear Thinking: Accelerate Airport Express Here Like PERCEPTION Star Station Toronto Tuesdayís Union

Clear Thinking: Airport Another Avenue Cross Downtown Eglinton Express Finch Iíll Line Poll Relief Scarborough Smart SmartTrack Star Subway Toronto Track Tuesdayís Which

Clear Thinking: AFTER Another Article Bombardier Bombardierís City Given Hide Kilometres Putting REALLY Star Toronto Torontoís Tuesdayís University WORK When

2015-02-24 Tue

Clear Thinking: Data Debt Hereís However ITís Information Itís KNOW Laws Pension Privacy Processing Remember Statements THAT Taxes Technology That These Whatís When With Would

2015-02-23 Mon

Weather: Bathroom Downtown Morning Paper Radio Temperature

Clear Thinking: Bacon Bars Chemistry Coca Coke Cola Diet Lugging Mars Star That There This Toronto Wednesdayís Weight Which Wouldnít

Weight loss: Because Chelsea Courtyard Eaton Franís French Itís Iíll Iíve Marriot Next Piece Restaurant Spanish When

2015-02-22 Sun

Clear Thinking: Answer Covert Overt Visible

Weather: Average Coldest Daily Itís Maximum Temperature This Toronto

2015-02-21 Sat

Clear Thinking: City Construction Fraud Hall Maintenance Problems Star Street This Toronto Torontoís Wednesdayís Yonge

2015-02-20 Fri

Clear Thinking: Babyís Cameras Canít Centre Chaucer Chaucerís Earlier Eaton Facebook First Given Itís Japanese Library News Police Right Step There Toronto Torontoís Touristís Well Weíll What

Clear Thinking: Bailout Bombardier Everyone Just TTCís Torontoís

Weight Loss: Batteries Eating Exercising Losing Pounds Scales Sigh

2015-02-19 Thu

Retired: Atlanta Courtyard Florida Georgia Horror Marriot Meanwhile Outrage SUFFering Shades Shock Star Todayís Toronto

Retired: Above After Bank Between CODE English GUARANTEE Heaps Immediately Just Lane Lukeís Machine OTOH Royal Spanish State Still THAT THERE THIS Table This Transition Turing WILL WORK

2015-02-18 Wed

Clear Thinking: Bloor Check Chris College Cycle Dundas Each Edwards Every Failing Heading Hereís Immediately Implement Intersection Iíll Iíve KILOMETRES Library Like Madonikís North Note Observe Office PATH Peter Planning Public Quite Rick Right Scramble South Star THIRTY Then This Toronto Torontoís Tuesdayís Yonge Yorkville

2015-02-17 Tue

Clear Thinking: BOTH CANíT Closing Eliminating Given Globe HAVE Iíve Mississauga Mondayís More Nanticoke Ontario There This Toronto Torontonians WAYS

2015-02-16 Mon

Retired: Each Florida Moss Spanish Then Water Weíll

Clear Thinking: Banks Before Bread Circuses Courtyard Dalton Days Dollarama Frisbees Government Libraries Marriot McGuinty Offices Ontario SEVEN That They

2015-02-15 Sun

Clear Thinking: Cambridge Computing Gyuru ISBN Journey Layout Press PŠpay Revolution Through Toney Universe University

2015-02-14 Sat

Retired: Chelsea Courtyard Eaton Iíll Madrid Marriot Occasionally Paris Ryerson Star That Toronto University

Retired: Garden Hereís Miniature Promise Spring Trial Wall Wandering

2015-02-13 Fri

Clear Thinking: Africa Death FaceBook High Media School Social Star There Todayís Toronto Twitter Well

2015-02-12 Thu

Retired: Above Bloor Chances Condominium Forbid Janitor POUNDS Road Salt Street This Tons Toronto Trees

2015-02-11 Wed


2015-02-10 Tue

Vermicomposting: Circulation Drainage Everything Here Moisture Plastic Second Then Tower Toyed Vermicomposter Wooden

2015-02-09 Mon

Construction Signs: Long North Station Subway These Wellesley Work Workmen

2015-02-08 Sun

Neutron Stars: Both City Mankind Podcast Quarks Quirks That Todayís Toronto

2015-02-07 Sat

Spellcheckers Off the Whirled Untie Ö: Associated Press Saturdayís Star Toronto

Silvia and I: American Aussie Canadian English Feelthy Inhibitions Meecawber Meester Mexican SEElvia Silvia Silviaís Spanish This

2015-02-06 Fri

The Crane Game: Bloor College

Clear Thinking: Check Star Starís Targetís Toronto

2015-02-05 Thu

Exchange Rates: About Because Blue Canada Canadian Iíll Jays Loonie Ouch Recently Star State That Thatís Toronto York

2015-02-04 Wed

Clear Thinking: Better Closing Fields Green Isolate Loss Park Playing School Schools Space Star There Toronto Underused

Clear Thinking: After Knowledge More Replacement Scabs Star Strike This Toronto Workers

Clear Thinking: Adults Also Budding Cafeteria Centre Clothes Corporate Cycle DVDs Dreadful Entrepreneurs Gymnasium Homeless Like Local Rooms Shelter Sports Star Street Theatre There Toasters Toronto Washrooms WiFi Youth

2015-02-03 Tue

Second Use For Everything: After Boots Cathedral Garbage HUGE Hair Here Iíll Iíve James Large Pair Recycling Rooms Velcro Well

2015-02-02 Mon

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