Diary - 2013

2014-12-31 Wed

The Crane Game: Apologies Avenue Bathurst Branch Cranes Dundas Etobicoke Honest Improv Library Looking Sanderson Score Spectrum Street Swinging Toronto Walnut

Clear Thinking: Contractors Fluorescent Thereís Tubes

2014-12-30 Tue

Retired: Bottom Canada Canít Cards Christmas Christmassy Increase Line Marketing Plus Postage Postsís Price Sales

2014-12-29 Mon

SUFE Ė Vermicomposting: Attacks Bacterial

Retired: Bank Frills Grenville Lane Less Looking Lukes Lukeís Makes Parliament Royal Ryerson Scaffolding Side Star STOP Street Toronto University Vincent Weekday Yonge

2014-12-28 Sun

Clear Thinking: Arabs Earth Funny Globe Iíve Mail Planet Russia World Wouldnít

Serendipity: Especially Iíve Nope

2014-12-27 Sat

Public Transit: Accountant Billion Bloor Bramalea Brown Budget Capital Castle Centre College Continuing Danforth Dollars Downsview Elephant Excel Expense Finch Frank Google Green Jane Kennedy Kipling Maps Mississauga Nothing Orangeville Ossington Paintbrush Paris Patrick Peterborough Pythagorasís Remember River Scarborough Sheppard Think Toronto Town Weíd White Year

2014-12-26 Fri

Retired: Christmas Iíll Naranjas Neapolitan Nestlťs Nice Nuts

Retired: Bagger Dairy Greaves Legend Queen Vance Youíll

2014-12-24 Wed

Toronto: Hint Itís Toronto Youíd

Positive Thinking: American Bret Culture Ideas Journal Larger Leaders Marvel Politics Resilience Smarter Stephens Street Wall Wiser

2014-12-23 Tue

Health : Anyway Bottom Carlin Cholera George Godliness Iíve Moisture Ontario Sitting

Clear Thinking: Airport Airports Cousin Embrace Express Fashion Financial Grab Griselda Griseldaís High Judging Kipling Note Pearson Post Ride Rocket Station Subway Transat Union Weston Yesterdayís

2014-12-22 Mon

Retired: City Class Closed Cumberland Group Iíve Library Management Oxford Pissed Sixty Waddyaknow World Young

2014-12-21 Sun

TTC: AIRPORT Bloor College Danforth Dundas Fantasy FINCH Ford Guide Hereís Highway Humber Itís Kennedy Kipling Last LINE LRTs Markham Morningside Nonetheless Note Pandas Park Remember Ride Royal Scarborough Sheppard Sports Spur Station SUBWAY Team Toronto TRAIN TRAINS Union Waddyaknow Warden West Weston Woodbine York

Retired: Annie Bernard Brokeback Dench English Everybodyís Feliks First Georg German Great HallstrŲm Hiller Howard Judi Julianne Kevin Lasse Leslie Magazine Milne Moore Mountain Newfoundland News Proulx Published Pygmalion Shaw's Sheppardís Shipping Spacey Topolski Translation Victorian Wendy York

2014-12-20 Sat

Clear Thinking: Actually Americans Canadians Drive English Europeans Gary Google GoogleMaps North STOP Toronto Triomphe Wendell

Clear Thinking: Bottom Contract Eight Elevators Franceís Fridayís Lawrence Line Management Metro Network Paris Project Star Streetcars THEIRS Toronto Toronto's Torontoís Transilien Various West

2014-12-19 Fri

TTC: Albion Apart Bathurst Birchmount Broadview Canadian Carrier City Clair Construction Dinky Dollars Donít Downtown Drive Dufferin East Eglinton Ellesmere Finch Further Gary Greenwood Grove Guides Islington Itís Iíll Kipling Lawrence Line Martin McCowan Midland North Parliament Relief Ride Scarborough Sheppard South SUBWAY Toronto TRAIN Victoria Washburn West Weston Woodbine

2014-12-18 Thu

Clear Thinking - Why Łber will fail: Economy Good Highlights Ideas Makes Radio Sharing Łber

2014-12-17 Wed

Retired: ChristChurch Construction Disturbing It's Toronto YouTube

2014-12-16 Tue

TTC: Andy Byford It's Options Payment Star Todayís Toronto

2014-12-15 Mon

TTC: Ceinture English Esmeralda Glug Hereís London Look Mondays Paris Petit Refill Star Todayís Toronto Upend

2014-12-14 Sun

Clear Thinking: Check City Hall Library Thinking Toronto

2014-12-13 Sat


Retired: Bluetooth India Madonna Mexico Today Used Walkman

2014-12-12 Fri

TTC: Airport Benn Bradford Buses Clair Hazardous IMAGINE Look Notice Oakville People Pittsburgh Rouge Scarborough Sort Station Steeles Tony Toronto Torontoís Union Wasnít Waste Yonge

TTC Ė The New Map: Bloor Ditto Islington Iíve Jane Kipling Mill North Note Nothing Royal Thereís Trust VISIBLE Yonge York

2014-12-11 Thu

SUFE: Castings Desk Harvest Side Vermicomposter Vermicomposting

Clear Thinking: Airport Although Aunt Bloor Bruce Chatelet City Connecticut Councillors Disclaimer Distance Donít Eighteen Express Fares Fridays Games Globe Government Halles Hartford Iíve Josh Kathleen Kipling London Mail Matlow McCuaig Metrolinx MetroPass Mildredís Mondays National Newark Paris Pearson Penn Post Premier Presto Provincial Quiz Remember Scarborough Snap Station Tell Today Toronto Torontonians Torontoís Transit Twitter Union Users Weston Wynne Years Yonge York

CDG airport in Paris: Cent Chatelet Denfert Fewer Gare Halles Luxembourg Navigo Nord Paris Port Rocherau Rochereau Royal Transilien

2014-12-10 Wed

Retired: Cynical Last Little Noisy Pavement Ploughs Sidewalk Snow Storm Winterís

2014-12-09 Tue

Retired: Apple Beaumont Bibliotheque Bureau Cathedral Champs Chartres Cheddar Coulommiers Dame Eifel Eiffel Elysees Ementhal English Force France French Istanbul Iíll Louvre Madrid Mondayís Montereau Montparnasse Notre Persan Rambouillet Rome Royal Star Suisse Toronto Tour Tourisme Tower Transilien Within York

2014-12-08 Mon

TTC: College Confiscate Daaaaaad Dynamics EVERYONE Fluid Good Guys Howím Itís Jacksonville Latest Management Meanwhile Paris Parisians Passengers Senior Sorry Station Street Torontonians Wellesley Yonge Youíll

2014-12-07 Sun

Clear Thinking: Americans Australia Europe Gary North Saturdayís Signs Star Stop Toronto Weston

2014-12-06 Sat

Retired: Addie American Benny Broomeís Cole Cross Dinah DVDs Episodes Fancy Fifty Itís Jack Jackís Lost Mister Moon Natalie Paper Robert Shore Sixty Southern Swanleigh Today Wagner Whatever

2014-12-05 Fri

Retired: Alexa CDís Church Dawkins Great Keats Listening Metropolitan Read Richard Thatís Trill United Unweaving Wing

2014-12-04 Thu

Retired: Bless Bloor Bureaucratís Centre College Doubled Eaton Especially Frills Hall Huntley Interesting Itís Iíve Lake Library Ramp Self SIGNS Sounds Strangely Street Toronto Wellesley West Yonge Yorkville

2014-12-03 Wed

Bacteria: Absent Ajax Bacteria Chris Colony Cooperative Itís Iíve Massive Minded Nice Professor

2014-12-02 Tue

Retired: Chain Concrete Condominium Contractorís Everything Fencing Flagmen Girder Huntley Massive Slow Steel Stop Street Trucks Utility Yonge

2014-12-01 Mon

TTC: Buses Donít Esmeralda Hereís Look Note Service Whatís

2014-11-30 Sun

Clear Thinking: Bills Calculator Canada Email Payments Postís Spreadsheet Star Toronto

2014-11-29 Sat

Clear Thinking: City Class Metrolinx Navigo Star Station Thursdayís Toronto Union World

2014-11-28 Fri

Retired: Aura Chelsea College Collisions East Eaton Park South Street Today West Yonge

2014-11-27 Thu


2014-11-26 Wed

Retired: Following France French Joke Strips

SUFE: Water Works

2014-11-25 Tue

Retired: Great Hereís Several Sheet Wisconsin Wooden Yesterday

2014-11-24 Mon

TTC: Bloor Clair Guide Hereís Note Ride Runnymede Thereís

2014-11-23 Sun

Elevators: City Elevator High Itís Office Thatís Toronto Torontoís

2014-11-22 Sat

TTC: Avenue Bloor Clair Freeloaders Fridayís Itís Star Toronto University Yonge

2014-11-21 Fri

Retired: Atrium Australian Brampton Centre ChrisGreaves City CONNECTED Construction Development Ditto Dundas Eaton Economic Elizabeth Fire Florida Gail Good Greaves Hall Having Hotel Iíve JOKE KILOMETRES Last Library Look Marriot Mary Mike Mikeís Nathan Niagaraís Nothing Office Ontario Outlet Paris PATH Phillips Provins Quay Queens Queenís Quiz Roughly Royal Sears Services Sheraton Skydome Snap Square Station THIRTY Toronto Torontonians Tourist Tower Tripping Underground Union Visitor WALKWAY Welcome Wellesley Wherever Yonge York

2014-11-20 Thu

Clear Thinking: Bills Buffalo Football Specifically Star Sundayís Toronto

Retired: According Anton Atkinsís Borrow Carbon Charles Chicagoís Cold Eiffel Englandís Finger Galileoís George Hale Immediately ISBN Iíve James Joule Mendelís Milky Neanderthals Nevertheless Newton Oxford Particle Peter Planck Press Read Thatís Thinking Tower University William Yerkes

2014-11-19 Wed

Clear Thinking: America Hint Industry Madrid Service Snap Spainís States Thatís Thinking United Wooly

2014-11-18 Tue

TTC: Bloor Dundas High Kipling Look Park Runnymede Stations Street Thereís West

2014-11-17 Mon

SUFE: Circulate Desk Drain Drainage Evaporate Excess Iíll Moisture Side Vermicomposter Wherever

2014-11-16 Sun

Clear Thinking: Aisle Board Letter Saturdayís Seat Seats Star Toronto

2014-11-15 Sat

Retired: Beef Canadian Chatting Chicken Chinese Discovery Returned Soldiers Supermarket Think Today

2014-11-14 Fri

Retired: Iíll Ryerson Star Toronto University

2014-11-13 Thu

Clear Thinking: IMNSHO Jews

2014-11-12 Wed

Weight Loss: Celebrate Cream Donít Litre

Retired: Comics Latte Play Puzzles Sometimes Word

2014-11-11 Tue

TTC: Commission Fairview Guide Mall Markham Mills Ride RideGuide Sheppard Toronto Transit Weston

2014-11-10 Mon

Retired: Bakelite Canadian Computer Dictionary Downloading Efficient Energy Globe Light Mail Mooching Oxford Personal Personalized Podcast Ringtones Shown Technology Topic

TTC: Bloor College Commission Lawrence Toronto Transit Union University Yonge

2014-11-09 Sun

Clear Thinking: Adult Bacteria Biology Computers Coulommiers Disney Dwarves Father Fiction Fridayís Germ Gotta Hold Incidents Iíll Journal Laugh Microbe Modern Pathogen Rambouillet Saturdayís Seven Snow Star Street Toronto Travel Turing Turingís Virus Wall Walt Whatís

Retired: Alan Andrew Berlinski Biology Casing Computing Copeland David Davies Engines Enigma Essential History Hodges Hold Iíll Jack Logic Martin Proper Suggested Transit Turing

2014-11-08 Sat

Clear Thinking: Experiment Fluffy Nothing Opponents Power Study Truth Wind

2014-11-07 Fri

Retired: Precipitation Probability Sometimes

Retired: Bears Dwarves English Including Little Pigs Seven Snow Spanish Strangely

2014-11-06 Thu

Clear Thinking: Canadaís Chris Conservatives Doug Ford Greaves Iíll Mayoral Ministerís Potential Prime Progressive Really Snyders Spiders Star Thursdayís Toronto Using WbWrd

2014-11-05 Wed

Clear Thinking: Attack Beware Canada Code Doubleday Germ Jason Know Modern Tetroís Tzuís

2014-11-04 Tue

Clear Thinking: Blue Blues Central Centre Communists Continue Drill East FWIW Green Greens Keep Last Oxford Perhaps Reds Remember West

2014-11-03 Mon

Second Use For Everything: Australia Believe Bless Bradford Carrots Halloween MEAT ORGANIC Oxford Pony RECYCLING Shanks Story Stranger Styrofoam Tell Turns

2014-11-02 Sun

Clear Thinking: BELL Centre Check City Company Days Dundas East Eaton Fridayís FWIW Hall Hudsonís Itís Iíll Iíve Keep Large Millions Nada Note Nothing PATH Pretty Rien Square Station Subway Summertime Thereís Toronto Trinity

2014-11-01 Sat

Retired: National Post Tuesdayís

Clear Thinking: Anything City Dynamite Grisham Hall Iíve Luger Mocha Rosie Star Strewth Toronto

2014-10-31 Fri

Clear Thinking: Branch Browns Highway Judging Lakeshore Line Long Maps Markham Ninth Scarborough Toronto Working

Retired: City Earlier Hall Library Ottawa Theyíve Toronto Wanders

2014-10-30 Thu

Goldilocks: Bears Boots Daddy France Goldilocks Hamelin Italy Lancashire Learning Listen Mummy Pied Piper Problem Puss Spanish

Retired: Canadian Carlton Cinemas Combo EHTax Less Money Player PLUS Thereís Tire Toby Yesterday

2014-10-29 Wed

Clear Thinking: Balkan College DOLLARS Georgeís Huge Letís Lloyd Memoirs Thereís Trinity Volume

2014-10-28 Tue

Retired: Agincourt Blackmore BRANCH Grisham I'll I've John Library Pinker Stephen Susan Toronto Typically Yorkville

2014-10-27 Mon

Vermicomposting: Decomposing Kitchen Pizza Scraps Self Tower Vermicomposter

2014-10-26 Sun

Second Use For Everything: Bins Blue Citizen Good Iíve Program RECYCLE Recycling REDUCE ReUse Star Toronto

2014-10-25 Sat

Retired: Amongst Free Itís Metropolitan Music Organ PERCENT United University

2014-10-24 Fri

Clear Thinking: College Collegeís Trinity Trust

2014-10-23 Thu

Physics: Bicycle Hemisphere Southern Spinning Wheel

2014-10-22 Wed

Signs of the Times: Cafeteria Homework Level Ryerson Someone Speaking Stairs Street University

2014-10-21 Tue

Clear Thinking: Bing CENTRE COACH France Gate Itís Ontario Pearson Pickering Platform Scarborough Station Union

2014-10-20 Mon

Clear Thinking: Effective Imagine John Star Toronto

Clear Thinking: Hoderich John

2014-10-19 Sun

Clear Thinking: Born Borne Ebola Flag Iíll Mercy Mission Quick Response Threat

Clear Thinking: Easy Fail Good Hire Incentive Joeís Provincial Quality Schools Shady Stupidity

2014-10-18 Sat

Clear Thinking: Access Automated Chip Computer Consider Fast Highway Limited Note Regular Ride Super Superbly Think Toronto Torontoís Ultimately


2014-10-17 Fri

Ebola Virus: Assume Charles Ebola Europe Gaulle Iíve Pearson Tell Toronto Virus

Clear Thinking: Cheaper France Internet Oshawa Ottawa Packet Prince Rupert Speeds Stop Switching Toronto Trying Whoa

Clear Thinking: Canadians Whoíd

2014-10-16 Thu

Retired: Hard Isnít Itís Iíll London Move Nothing Oxbridge Paris Perhaps Toronto Torontoís Trouble University

Clear Thinking: Anyway Canada Dakota Fences Journal Maine Megantic Mondayís North Province Quebec Quick Street Wall Whenever

2014-10-15 Wed

Retired: Desk Forestry Partway People Toronto Torontoís University Within

Clear Thinking: Africa Ebola Journal Paris Screening Street Virus Wall West

TTC: Experience Iíll Positive Seniorís Ticket Wait

2014-10-14 Tue


Toronto Transit Commission: Cole Hats Michael

Retired: Amidst Brave Building Little Toronto

2014-10-13 Mon

Clear Thinking: Pit Bull Ontarioís Law

2014-10-12 Sun


Street Lines: Havagooday Hong Kong London Paris Street Tokyo Torontonian Yonge

2014-10-11 Sat

Retired: Crossing Green Last Light Star Toronto

Retired: Fountains Hall Iíve Kerr Pools Ryerson Toronto University Wading Water

2014-10-10 Fri

Clear Thinking: Airport Burlington Canada City Dominion Earlier Etobicoke Ford Greater However International Lester Metro Metropolitan Mono Pearson Regardless Region Scarboro Scarborough Seventy Star Toronto Torontonians Torontoís

2014-10-09 Thu

Clear Thinking: Bearing Leaving Metropolitan South Steeles Theyíll Toronto

Retired: Carlton Coulommiers France Montrouge Rambouillet Street

2014-10-08 Wed

Retired: College Dufferin Fatalities Mall Mart Pensioner Senior Star Street Thorough Thump Toronto Traffic

2014-10-07 Tue

Retired: City College Council Dundas Itís Paris Sometimes Street Toronto

2014-10-06 Mon

Clear Thinking: Access Avenue City Direct Elizabeth Especially Hall Keep Motor PATH Street Thatís Thereís Thinking Today Toronto University Wheelchair WheelTrans

2014-10-05 Sun

Clear Thinking: It's Miracles Problem

2014-10-04 Sat

Retired: Ashley Church Kahiba Metropolitan Newcastle Tidy Toronto United

2014-10-03 Fri

Clear Thinking: Centre College Deli Flight Humans Living Mississauga Montreal Pickering Ryerson Ryersonian Shaming Shane Star Toronto Yonge

2014-10-02 Thu

Retired: Aura Church Thereís Tower Walking

Retired: Brian Cathcart Cathedral Chadwick Dreadnought Ernest Farrar Filey Fisher Fleet Giroux Great IIís Jackie Japan Kaiser Manchester Marsden Note Prelude Russia Rutherford Scarborough Straus Unrelated Wilhelm

2014-10-01 Wed

Construction ...: College North Street Yonge


2014-09-30 Tue

Electronic Idiocy: Agentís Atlantic Chlorine Chris Confirmation Coverage Details Electronic Enquiry EVERYTHING Greaves Grenville Insurance Invoice Itís Iíll Iíve Montreal North Paris Pole Policy Romantic Statement Street Ticket Toronto Travel University

Retired: Lane Thank

2014-09-29 Mon

Retired: Avenue North South Street Strictly Toronto University Wellesley

2014-09-28 Sun

Clear Thinking: Direct Early East LIGHT North Reflected Thereís West

2014-09-27 Sat

Clear Thinking: Caribbean Share

2014-09-26 Fri

Clear Thinking: Forest Grisham John Senator Sino Star Toronto

2014-09-25 Thu

Rob Ford: Ford Star Toronto

2014-09-24 Wed

Clear Thinking: Australian Cross Fair Fifty Heck Hometown Laudable Metropolis Region Replacement School Snap Southern Today Toronto West Wired

2014-09-23 Tue

Clear Thinking: Canada Hamilton Iíve Joyce Torontoís Unless WestJet

2014-09-22 Mon

Synonym for Ubiquitous: Canada Chelsea Delta Gerrard Hotel Marshall Ontario Possibly Semantics Street Syntax Toronto

2014-09-21 Sun

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): Bingo Hooray HOWEVER OceanAire Safety Turns Yorkville

2014-09-20 Sat

Retired: Biochemistry Cheshire Chris Dawkins Gastrulation Origami Perhaps Richard

2014-09-19 Fri

Second Use For Everything (SUFE): Although Cooker Itís Rice

2014-09-18 Thu

Clear Thinking: Burlington Elizabeth Etobicoke Method Mississauga People Queen Scientific Study Swedish Years

2014-09-17 Wed

Serendipity: Calories Itís Iíve Menu Passers Reset Steps Without

2014-09-16 Tue

Clear Thinking: City College FIRST INSTALLED Itís PLACE Somewhere Street

2014-09-15 Mon

Fly to Paris on Oatmeal: Agents Charter Choose Companies Fifty Hereís Hortonís McDonalds NoFrills Paris Seven Stop Travel Wendyís

Clear Thinking: City Grenville McDonalds Street Toronto Yonge

2014-09-14 Sun

TTC: Blue Challenged Iíve Mobility Seating Seats

2014-09-13 Sat

Retired: Look Wellesley

Retired: Aura Dundas Phew Ryerson Street University Yonge

2014-09-12 Fri

Clear Thinking: Chow Chowís Didnít Ford Karen Olivia Sheíd Stintz Toronto Tory

Clear Thinking: According Talk

2014-09-11 Thu

Retired: Blinding College Kaleidoscope Street Sunlight Toronto Truly Yonge

Clear Thinking: Class Easy Feed First Paris Regardless Toronto Unless

2014-09-10 Wed

Retired: Assuming Bloor Check Nowhere Street

Clear Thinking: Dadís Figure Leaked Nude Photos

2014-09-09 Tue

Retired: Aura Bloor College Doctors Dundas Family HEAT King Open Queen Street Streets Summertime TIFF Toronto Tower Walk Wrong Yonge

2014-09-08 Mon

Clear Thinking: Agree Gotta Iíve Larf Look National Nobody Post Saturdayís

2014-09-07 Sun

Retired: Avenue Bloor Couldnít Danforth Extremity King Last Line Loop North Quay Queens Remember Seniors Southern Spadina Station Street Taste Terminus Thatís Ticket University

2014-09-06 Sat

Retired: Check Harbord Ossington Wellesley

2014-09-05 Fri


2014-09-04 Thu

Retired: Bellwoods British Casa Christie Clair College Columbia Creek Davenport Dear Fort Garrison Itís Ketchikan Lake Loma Oakwood Ontario Park Pits Prince Runs Rupert Toronto Trinity Wychwood

2014-09-03 Wed

SUFE: Berry Bought Driscollís Farm Hold Hooray Meanwhile Metro Plant Raspberries Spider Thread Unless

2014-09-02 Tue

SUFE: Academic Against Bookcase Chair Chest Chrome Coffee Dining Drawers Ford Frame Furniture Futon Good Huns Lamp Nonetheless Office Patio Picture Plastic Plated Reading Study Tallboy Tossing Translucent Unwanted Useable Wooden Year

2014-09-01 Mon

Retired: Canadian Carnies Chelsea Country Exhibition Fair First Gillian Globe Hols Hooray Itís Labor Labour Mail National North Returning Ryerson Star Summer Tomorrow Toronto Torontoís University Valium Whiskey William

2014-08-30 Sat

Retired: Behind City Construction Delivery Dozen Dump Front King Street Truck Trucks Victoria Wrong

2014-08-29 Fri

Clear Thinking Ė Human Error:

2014-08-28 Thu

Clear Thinking Ė Space and Time: Bosh Freedom Inbox Inboxes Itís Iíve Process SAVING Space Star Think Toronto

Clear Thinking: Controller Controllers Fair Financial Fixer Itís Multiply Star Toronto

2014-08-27 Wed

Metrolinx and the Airport Train: Airport Business Elite Friendly Good Itís Iíve Last Letís Local Locals Passengers Riders Something Toronto Train Worker

Construction: College Fixer Grenville Last Leading Look Sigh Star Street Toronto Trust Yonge

2014-08-26 Tue

Rob Ford and the TTC: College Dynamics Engineering Fluid Ford Iíll Look Physics Station STREAM Street Streetcar Subway THINK University Yonge

2014-08-25 Mon

Clear Thinking: Area Greater Itís Iíll NOTE Nothing Ontario Pythagoras Sikh Sikhs Start Toronto

Clear Thinking: Accomplished Iíve Mission Standing Thatís

2014-08-24 Sun

Clear Thinking: Answer Assuming Globe Journal Luxury Mail Marriot Sometimes Street Wall

Retired: Buskerfest Chelsea College Delta Ensemble Good Hotel However Imagine King Loud Meanwhile Music PATIO Ranch Street Toronto Torontonian Yonge

Clear Thinking: Australia Australians Canada Cross Diego Finland Guess Iíve Perth Southern Thatís Toronto Victoria Western Zealand

Clear Thinking: Answer Assuming Globe Hereís Journal Mail Marriotís Street Thatís Wall

2014-08-23 Sat

Vermicomposting: Desktop Vermicomposting

A New Record For Toronto: Fools Guess Look Marriot Second Simultaneous Stop Streets Wood Yonge

2014-08-22 Fri

Clear Thinking: Brampton Break Budget Canadaís City Councilors Fastest Growing Item Largest Progressive Sixth Thatís Whatís YEARS

Clear Thinking: College Coroners Coronerís Court EVERYBODY Hospital Lane Luke Parking Vincent Womenís

2014-08-21 Thu

SUFE: Answer Bellwoods Bottom City Cityís Collectors Consider Edible Garbage Itís Killing Leaving Note Parkís Perhaps Raccoons Squirrel Think Trinity White

2014-08-20 Wed

Clear Thinking: Airport Balderdash Cent Council Donít Fewer Fold Front Itís Iíve Management Measures Metrolinx Prominent Rail Revenue Several Star Stream Toronto Unwashed Weston Weíve Workers

2014-08-19 Tue

TTC: Airport Character English Hereís International Mark Question Rail Station Travelers Union

Later:: English French HOORAY Latin Spanish Star Station Toronto Union

2014-08-18 Mon

SUFE: Bags Bottles Cherie Costs Green Johnston Plastic Production Recycled Semantics Slogan Usable Volume Water Weight

SUFE: Answer Coffee Diluted Machine Solution

2014-08-17 Sun

SUFE: Answer Coffee Diluted Machine Solution

Cooking: Aisle Amer Anyway Bare Billy Bringer Brownie Carlton Church College Council Cross Dollarama Frills Globe Golden Gustav Holtz It's Iíll Iíve Journal Lyle Mail Margarine Marriot Mars Milk Molasses Morecambe Note Park Parochial Planets Points Pyrex Recycling Selection Southern Star Street Syrup Tate Thereís Toronto Toss Treacle Turn Wall Wrigglers Youíll

2014-08-16 Sat

Clear Thinking: America Cods Computers Gordon Human Jenny Julie Massive Mincham North Press Printing Roley Spinning

Clear Thinking:

IQ of 158 - Saturday, January 27, 2007: Answer Average Bill Chinese English Everyone Here's I'll India Intelligence Quotient Smart Test

Retired: America Atlas Australia Beginning Borrego Crick Cross Diego Dirac East Eminent Especially Farmelo Francis Graham Ideas Jefferson Known Liverpool Lives Matt Odile Origin Paul Perth Point Ridley Southern Springs States Tallahassee Thomas Trouble United University Western Yilgarn

2014-08-15 Fri

Clear Thinking: Chow David Donít Ford Fordís Germanyís Hereís John Karen Know National Olivia Post Soknacki Star Stintz Toronto Tory

Clear Thinking: Canada Female Premiers Provincial Understandable

2014-08-14 Thu

Clear Thinking: Bloordale Comet Conjunction Diameter Distance Earth Grape Gymnasium Jupiter London Mars Mercury Neptune Obtain Pluto Rosetta Saturn Science Twenty Uranus Venus York

Clear Thinking: Audio Book Elegant Greene Iíve Johnstonís Lynn Star Toronto Universe

2014-08-13 Wed

Clear Thinking: Allan Creek Cuba Etobicoke Fits Gardens However Itís Iíve Last Look Mercifully Multiply Nonetheless Parliament Pennsylvania Premier Street Toronto

2014-08-12 Tues

Clear Thinking: Acres Buildings Energy Ideas Innovative Itís Roofs School Solar Technologies Whether

Retired: Fatcanoe Gould Ryerson Star Toronto University

2014-08-11 Mon

Clear Thinking: Ford James Mayoral Royson Torontoís

Clear Thinking: Drink Expensive Faking Food Itís Scammer Vintage Wines

2014-08-10 Sun

TTC: Adelaide Airlines Australia Boarding EASTERN London Passengers People Queen Richmond RINSING Street Think Toronto Torontoís TURBULENCE WEST

Clear Thinking: Barrier Bloor Bridge City Council Creek Danforth Park Prevention Structure Suicide Taylor Toronto Tripping Viaduct Walking

2014-08-09 Sat

Retired: Idiots Library Note Onto Operative Sanderson Texting Toronto Whatís Yuppie

2014-08-08 Fri

Clear Thinking: Bacon Breakfast Burger Crossword Especially Instead Joint Local Microwaved Oatmeal Plus Puzzle Sandwiches

2014-08-07 Thu

Paris: According Avenue Bloor Cathy Creek Danforth Days East Gerrard Good Google Lynn Maps Paris Park Road Rosedale Roseheath Rouge Similar Street Taylor Thatís Transilien Valley Yonge ZOOM

2014-08-06 Wed

Retired: Cathedral James King Lawrence Markets Saint Street

2014-08-05 Tue

Retired: Avenue Bounty Creek Curtis Deli Duck Dundas Etobicoke Evans Highway Kipling Marie Markland Mississauga Montreal Muddy Ontario Street Thereís Wood

2014-08-04 Mon

Clear Thinking: College Frills Holiday Parliament Question Shopping Street Today Transit Usually Yesterday

2014-08-03 Sun


Retired: Library Structure Toronto Yorkville

2014-08-02 Sat

Clear Thinking: Canadaís Canadian Carlton Cross Ersatz Fieldgate Frills Iíve Loblawís Mississauga Shopping Without

2014-08-01 Fri

Clear Thinking: Bacteria Colonizers Communicable Disease European Gang Germs Isolating Itís KNOW Microbes Sherriff Smallpox Star Strange Toronto Treat Viruses Western

Celebration: Academic Arguably Centre Chomsky Chomskyís Development Freedom ICLís Ideas Itís Iíve Laura Noam Northcote Software TVOís

2014-07-31 Thu

Clear Thinking: AMBER Blindness Colour Condo Construction Crazy Didnít Disclaimer Driver Fell Fire Iíve Light Lights Star Stop Think Toronto Traffic Union Universe Wasnít Welcome

2014-07-30 Wed

Clear Thinking: Barrie Especially Exactitudes Fibs Fine Ford Heís Itís Lies Orangeville Star Terminological Thatís Toronto Untruths

2014-07-29 Tue

SUFE: Tower Vermicomposter

SUFE: Bonus House Lane Plant Ring Rubber Sealing Trays Vincent

2014-07-28 Mon

Retired: Australia Bougainvillea Check Cottesloe Diego East Eucalyptus Governor Groyne High Jacaranda Jolla Mediterranean Nine Perth River School Senior Spanish Stirling Swan University Western Yesterday

2014-07-27 Sun

Retired: America Atlas Australia Beginning Borrego Crick Diego Dirac East Eminent Especially Farmelo Francis Graham Ideas Jefferson Known Liverpool Lives Matt Odile Origin Paul Perth Point Ridley Southern Springs States Tallahassee Thomas Trouble United University Western Yilgarn

2014-07-26 Sat

Travel: Bishopís Canada Canadian Falls Farley French Gander Lake Miquelon Mowatís Newfies Newfoundland Northwest Pierre River Southwest

2014-07-25 Fri

Clear Thinking: Toronto

Clear Thinking: Anglicized Guardian Higginsbotham Moldavian Passwords Quigley Tech Twaddle Weekly Whatís Whoever

2014-07-24 Thu

Clear Thinking: Athenian Barrie Canada Constable Constabulary Draco Draconian Draw Force Forcillo Hardly Hereís Iíve James Orangeville Police Rangers Sammy Star Suppose Toronto Twelve Wimpy Wussy Yatin Yatinís Yesterdayís

2014-07-23 Wed

Canít See the Forest for the Palms: Check Star Toronto

2014-07-22 Tue

Recycling BAD!: Bottom City Council Divert Diverted Donít Downtown Further Itís Literally Note Reduce Sorry Streets Tonnage Toronto Total Welcome Yonge

2014-07-21 Mon

Retired: Bloor Cumberland Downtown Iíll Lane Library Lukeís Michaelís Real Street Streets Terrace Toronto Truth Vincentís Wellesley West Yonge Yorkville

2014-07-20 Sun

History: Bagdad Elizabeth First Likewise Queen Repington Repingtonís Russians Second Self Volume Windsor World

History: Gaza Plus

2014-07-19 Sat

Retired: Course Creek Deli Ducks Etobicoke Foxes Golf Markalnd Montreal Wood

2014-07-18 Fri

SUFE: Frills Knife Marked Sixteen Tough Used

2014-07-17 Thu

Retired: Pelargoniums Ryerson Star Summer Toronto University

2014-07-15 Tue

SUFE: Canadian Cheap Swatter Tire Unbend Works

2014-07-14 Mon

SUFE: Apple Carrots Castings Core Peel Potatoes Thatís Theory Tower Vermicomposter Weighed

2014-07-13 Sun

TTC: Although Blue Cheaper Islington Kipling Perhaps

2014-07-12 Sat

Retired: College Lillian Mulberries Smith Street

2014-07-11 Fri

Clear Thinking: Bankers Chris Exercise Filters Firms Freeware Friends Greaves Hereís Note Pharmaceutical Send Several Site Solicited Spam Stage Wealthy

Clear Thinking: Donít Free Lancashire Natalie Phone Press Rossendale Spain Womanís Worry

2014-07-10 Thu

SUFE: Andrew Baughn Hooray Individuals Star Toronto Tuesdayís

Clear Thinking: Board Bulletin Canada Canadian Charge Dropped Email Enough Hereís Insurance Internet Italy Iíve Marketing Nigeria Number Pings Social Spam Systems Thereís Tomorrow

2014-07-09 Wed

Clear Thinking: Beating Discharging Driving Drunk Firearm Higher Policemen Standards Star Toronto Whatever Wife Yesterdayís

2014-07-08 Tue

Clear Thinking: Class First Intel Perhaps Play Solitaire Spider Star Stupid Surely Todayís Toronto

2014-07-07 Mon

Clear Thinking: FaÁAde Lease Retail Site Store

2014-07-06 Sun

Clear Thinking: Apples Bradford Canada Canadian Chick Eggs Firm Frills Germany Grown Iíll Kidney Loblawís Manufactured Metro Niagara Oats Ontario Palmolive Peas Product Quaker Smyrna Sobeys Turkey

2014-07-05 Sat

Clear Thinking: Anything Bottled Bottlers Close Imported Produce Woop Yesterday

2014-07-04 Fri

Clear Thinking: Barrie Bradford Brie Canadians Cans Carrots Close Cloverdale College Cows Dominion Donít Drinking Europe Food Frills Letís Loblawís Mall Metro Million Onions Parts Potatoes Probably Produce Rutabagas Sobeys Toronto Yesterday Yonge Zealand

2014-07-03 Thu

Clear Thinking: America Arabic Archduke Austrians Balkan Balkans Belgrade Canadaís English Europe Fighting French Gavillo Germans Globalization Israeli Iíll Korea Long North Princip Russians Second Suppose Thank Weekend World

2014-07-02 Wed

Clear Thinking: Easy Nothing River Star Toronto Torontoís

Clear Thinking: Assume Cats Devils FIRE Fred Iíll Iíve Lions Pets Saving Yilgarn

2014-07-01 Tue

Canada Day: Banks Stores Today

Vermicomposting: Castings Tower Vermicomposter Worm

2014-06-30 Mon

Cheating: Blood Cholesterol Cream Eyesight Milk Pressure Salt Shaker Skim Weight

2014-06-29 Sun

SUFE: Nursery Trays

2014-06-28 Sat

History: Church Comment Country Institute Kanata Library Maryís Nowadays Scientology Street Technology Toronto Yonge Yorkville

2014-06-27 Fri

Clear Thinking: Automatic Canadian Card Credit Domain Forty Human Intervention Isnít Iíll Manually Payments Pissed Registrar Registration Shouldnít Thatís

2014-06-26 Thu

Climate/Weather: Disclaim Look Sounds Thatís Think

2014-06-25 Wed

Clear Thinking: Australia's Closed Education Iíve Lancs Libraries Library Rawtenstall Reid Sixty SAIT Sometimes Stack Tertiary University Usually

2014-06-24 Tue

Clear Thinking: Bills Electricity Good Hydro Last Shortly Star Thursdayís Toronto Users Whatís

2014-06-23 Mon

Clear Thinking: Change Christopher Climate Frozen Global Humeís Itís Precipitation Rain Sleet Snow Spanish Star Storm Toronto Warming

2014-06-22 Sun

Clear Thinking: Camp College Decemberís East Ford Itís Last North Record Storm Summer Toronto

2014-06-21 Sat

Clear Thinking: Banks Branch Everyone Library Parade Pride Rainbows Stores Street Supermarkets Toronto Weeks Wrapping Yonge Yorkville

2014-06-20 Fri

9 Grenville Street:

Clear Thinking: Bengal Change Climate Disclaimer Earlier Factor Fear Global Great However Intergovernmental IPCC Irrational Jungles KILOMETRES National Panel Post Rational Reduce Reuse Sheet Street SUVís Sweat Tiger Toronto Warming Yonge

2014-06-19 Thu

Eating Out: Avenue Bathurst Burger Chelsea Earlier Globe Half Hero Inside Item Mail Matt National Ossington Post Queen Queens Reason Spadina Street Thai West

2014-06-18 Wed

Ajax Area Based Country Greater GTHA Locked Mississauga Month Nine Oshawa Paris Pickering Piddling Progress Star Thinking Todayís Toronto Transit Whitby Year

2014-06-17 Tue

Clear Thinking: British Cars Columbia DONíT Gateway Iíve Megantic Pipeline Rail Worse

2014-06-16 Mon

Clear Thinking: Factoids

2014-06-15 Sun

You Had to Be There: Grocery Shopping Splat

2014-06-14 Sat

Serendipity: Alamenciak Check Nice Starís Toronto

2014-06-13 Fri

A New Record for Toronto: Bully Coward Fools Granville Grenville Iíve McDonalds Ryerson Star Street Toronto University Yesterdayís

2014-06-12 Thu

Voting: Canadian Ford Itís Last Sheesh Towards Youíve

2014-06-11 Wed

Cooking: Fennel Leaves Letís Loosely Star Toronto

2014-06-10 Tue

Vermicomposting: EggShells Vermicomposting

2014-06-09 Mon

Ice-storm: Drive Markland Mill Road

2014-06-08 Sun

Retired: Contains Frills Parliament Profligate Street

2014-06-07 Sat

Retired: Itís Park Philosophers Queens Walk

2014-06-06 Fri

Spanish Classes: Classes Continuing Fifty French Introductory Iíve Ryerson School Spanish Studies Toronto University

Retired: Bloor Street Yonge

2014-06-05 Thu

Retired: Sigh Toronto University

2014-06-04 Wed

Carry-In-Carry-Out: Area Carry Conservation Education Genesee Good Hooray Institute Letchworth Main Morris Mount Nada None Nothing OISE Park River State Studies Thatís Think Took University

2014-06-03 Tue

Retired: Building Circle Edward Faculty FREE Hall Inside Itís Jacksonville Johnson Library Music Park Queens Tafelmusik Turns University Walter

2014-06-02 Mon

Spanish: Analysis Computation Diploma Numerical Spanish Today University

Retired: Iíve Neat North Perhaps Thatís Toronto University

2014-06-01 Sun

Clear Thinking: Africa Aural Barrances Chris Dawkinsí Dutch East Foggy French Hmmm Holland Indian Itís Matin Mitochondrial Oral Petit Richard Times Toronto University

2014-05-31 Sat

Crane-Spotting: Approaching Aura Avenue Bloor Cheritan Clair College Cranes Davisville Downtown Eglinton Gardener Iíll Lawrence Literally Looking Markland Shoppe Southbound Today Toronto Woods Yonge

2014-05-30 Fri

Retired: Pittsburgh Toronto University

2014-05-29 Thu

Clear Thinking: Garbage Heavy Toronto

2014-05-28 Wed

Retired: Andrews Check Last Megumi Thanks Toronto

2014-05-27 Tue

Clear Thinking: Church Communion Comoís Doll Exhibition Fairí Fifty Gilbert Haydnís Hereís Holy Iíve Kewpie Last Liver Mass Merbecke Nelson Perry Picking Sullivan Thatís University Years

2014-05-26 Mon

Clear Thinking: Accident According Alarming Boating Devices Flotation Iíll Jacket Life Mister Perhaps Personal Puzey Radio Release Shallow Stats Talk

2014-05-25 Sun

SUFE: City CLACK Less Star Toronto Tower Vermicomposter Waste

2014-05-24 Sat

SUFE: Coat Hangers Houseplants Sort Trellises Vines Wire

2014-05-23 Fri

Australia: Aden Biscay Cross Fremantle Hotel Kwinana Palace Port Southhampton Today Yilgarn

Ontarioís Poor Education System: Coffins Elementary Isaac Itís News Newton Ontarioís

Retired: Courthouse Park

2014-05-22 Thu

Retired: FWIW Iíve James Nice People Today Todayís Tuesdays Yummy


2014-05-21 Wed

Clear Thinking: Itís Really Specifics Star Toronto

SUFE: Parking Recycling Spot Waste Wastefulness

2014-05-20 Tue

Winter: Area Forty Greater Toronto Twenty

Retired: Admittedly Church Dundas Itís Jamesí King Roncesvalles Street Toronto WholeNote

2014-05-19 Mon

SUFE: Holiday Overtime Statutory Today Workers


2014-05-18 Sun

Weight Loss: Gerrard Paris Park Street Stroll Subway Taylor Toronto Transilien

2014-05-17 Sat

Clear Thinking: Autumn Itís Perth Shudder Toronto Uniview

2014-05-16 Fri

Weight Loss: Blood Exercise Pressure Weight

2014-05-15 Thu

Retired: Church Last Metropolitan Sheesh Street United

2014-05-14 Wed

Retired: Africa Boyd Captain Cathedral Churchill Frith Irving James Kipling Lieutenant Little North Paris Perhaps Rudyard South Spencer Territories West Winston

2014-05-13 Tue

Retired: Bach Cathedral James Johannes Sebastian Sometimes

2014-05-12 Mon

Clear Thinking: Star Toronto

2014-05-11 Sun

SUFE: Gauge Ideal LAST People RECYCLE Reduce Reuse Star Toronto

2014-05-10 Sat

SUFE: Bosc Give IMHO Jars Mason Nothing Pears Plus Rinse

France: Assiette Crudites French Montrouge Peripherique Understood

2014-05-09 Fri

Clear Thinking: Boadicea FOOT FOOTPATH Fords FWIW Humans Iíve Model Pedestrians Star STREET Toronto Trouble Tuesdayís Vespas

Retired: Alto Andrews Arenít Bass Cathedral Fair Gilbert Hence Metropolitan Pianoforte Remember Score Soprano Sullivan Today Todayís United

2014-05-08 Thu

Clear Thinking: Avenue Dundas Energy Kensington Kinetic Momentum SQUARE Star Street Toronto Tuesdayís VERSUS

Retired: Andrews Cathedral James Metropolitan United

2014-05-07 Wed

TTC: Mississauga Note Pittsburgh Star Stations Thatís Toronto Transit

2014-05-06 Tue

TTC: GTHA Lots Pittsburgh Pittsburghís Toronto

Retired: Andrews Briggs Cathedral David James Metropolitan United

2014-05-05 Mon

Clear Thinking: Ford Model

2014-05-04 Sun

Retired: Bridge Iron Kinzua Note Steel Trestle Wrought

2014-05-03 Sat

Organ Donation: Barbara Donation Ontarians Organ People Star Starís Toronto Tuesdayís Turnbull Wrong

2014-05-02 Fri

TTC: Isnít People Posed Star Streetcar Toronto Torontonians Tuesdayís

2014-05-01 Thu

Clear Thinking: America Finally People Pittsburgh States Toronto United Whatever

2014-04-30 Wed

Retired: Dourdan Foret Google Maps Paris Thatís

2014-04-29 Tue

Navigation: Atlantic CANADIAN Earlier FLOW Geographic Green Hudsonís Inland National Pacific Rummage Sales Society Turns World Youíd

2014-04-28 Mon

SUFE: Bacteria Boxed Breakfast Case Cereal Collection Organize Recycle Shopping Vermicomposter Voila

2014-04-27 Sun

Retired: Black Branch Downtown Front Grid Guide Harbour Hugh Islands Itís Jacksonville Lakefront Living Long Mississauga Noon PATH Perhaps Quay Queens Ride Simcoe Street Streets Swans Toronto Yonge York

2014-04-26 Sat

Cloudy Thinking: Aaaaaargh Bloordale Rummage Sale Turned

2014-04-25 Fri

Clear Thinking: Banknote Cash Interac Plate Service

2014-04-24 Thu

Clear Thinking: Commission Deli I'll Leaving Montreal Nowhere Plug Really Suppose Thatís Toronto Transit TTC's

2014-04-23 Wed

TTC: Torontonians Truth Typically

2014-04-22 Tue

Retired: Condominium Grenville Mains Metro Police Reconstruction Street Water Yonge

2014-04-21 Mon

Retired: College Spadina Street

Retired: Allegheny Pittsburgh River Sheet

2014-04-20 Sun

Signs of the Times: Construction Enter Gerrard Gould Note Ryerson Street University

2014-04-19 Sat

Retired: College Lillian Painting Sherbrooke Smith Street Today

2014-04-18 Fri

Retired: Avenue Belt Beltway Cemetery Clair Cycling Davisville Discovery Eglinton Gardner Iíll Iíve Line Look Mount North Parisian Park Pleasant RATP Setting South Street Summerhill Thatís Took Toronto Trail West Work Yong Yonge Youíve

2014-04-17 Thu

Retired: Aura Continuing Going School Studies Toronto University

2014-04-16 Wed

SUFE: Canadaís Collusion Convenience Crazy Governments Manufacturer Option Resources Retailer Waste Wholesaler

2014-04-15 Tue

Retired: Burlington Highway Looking Mississauga Thereís Toronto

2014-04-14 Mon

Retired: Bloor Building Bulger City Clair College Focus Station Street Subway Summerhill Toronto Yong Yonge

2014-04-13 Sun

Clear Thinking:

2014-04-12 Sat

The Stupid, Stupid Canada Post: Book College Foreshadowed Post Star Store Street Talk Todayís Toronto University

2014-04-11 Fri

The Pan-Am Games: Commerce Court Meanwhile PATH Plaza Retail Scotia Surely Toronto True Washrooms Year

2014-04-10 Thu

Retired: Brubeck Church Commitments Dave Different Graham Metropolitan Nine Noon Patricia Playing Shannon Storytellers United

2014-04-09 Wed

Retired: College First Iíll Library Lillian Mister Robin Smith Spring Street Streetcars Theory Toronto University

2014-04-08 Tue

SUFE: Brown Cheap Chocolaty Compost Iíll Last Probably Scraps Stuffed Vegetable Vermicomposter

2014-04-07 Mon

Clear Thinking: Fire Itís Last Police Talk Thereís Today Todayís Truck

2014-04-06 Sun

Tired of Winter: Itís Rummage Sale Today

2014-04-05 Sat

Tired of Winter: City Forgot Itís Rummage Sale Sunshine Toronto

2014-04-04 Fri

The Future is Past: Rummage Sale

2014-04-03 Thu

Clear Thinking: Aura Late Worse

2014-04-02 Wed

TTC: Note Passengers Shelters

2014-04-01 Tue

Retired: Grrrrrr Iíve Lane Lukeís Stop Street Yonge

2014-03-30 Sun

Clear Thinking : Business Class Flight Heather Mallick Mayors None Paris Star Took Toronto Transit Wednesdayís Weíd Withdraw

2014-03-29 Sat


Paris: Asseyez Australian Champs Elysees French Iíve Merci Paris


New Restaurants: Boulevard Courage English Fear French Iíve Montparnasse Montrouge Paris Perhaps Philly Steak Thai Toronto Whatís

2014-03-28 Fri

Clear Thinking: Change Climate Cooling Engineering Genetically Global Hereís Modified News Topics Warming

Genetically Modified and all its buddies: Dogs Evolution Genetically Homo Humans Modification Modified Perhaps Sapiens Wolves

Climate Change and all its buddies: Allegheny Glacier Global Iíve Monongahela Pennsylvania Pittsburgh River Stadium SUVís Thatís Toronto Warming West

The Language Problem: Activities Allegheny Caused Change Climate Earth Forms General Genetic Global Homo Human Irreversible Iíve Language Life Long Malignant Manager Modification Pittsburgh Sapiens Spaceship Term Toronto UNHAPPY Warming

P.S. Organic Vegetables: Carbon Chemistry Organic

2014-03-27 Thu

Security: Bank Immediately Interac MailWasher Note Royal Security

2014-03-26 Wed

Clear Thinking: Chief Federal Itís Mayor Municipal Police Provincial Thinking

2014-03-25 Tue

Clear Thinking: English Thinking

2014-03-24 Mon

Retired: Bank College Granville Lane Lukes Retired Royal Street

2014-03-23 Sun

Clear Thinking : Burnhamthorpe East Fates Getting Good Islington Iíve Karma Mall Thatís Thinking

2014-03-22 Sat

TTC: Bloor College Design Instituted Line Nope Notice People Thatís University Worst Yonge

2014-03-21 Fri

Retired: Bank College Granville Lane Lukes Retired Royal Street

2014-03-20 Thu

Clear Thinking: Business District Euros French Mistime Paris Rich Roulette Russe Thinking Twenty

2014-03-19 Wed

Clear Thinking: America Anyway Check Crunch Deli Fair Gave Light Montreal North Thinking Weíre

2014-03-18 Tue

Clear Thinking: Benefits Bills Dead Death Digest Fifty General Insurance Iíll Mechanics Medical Motors Newtonian Policies Puzey Readerís Seatbelts Second Sorry Thinking University Vauxhall Viva

2014-03-17 Mon

Retired: Artistry Asking Black Blue Criminal Dollars Galleries Gallery Imagine Last Receptionist Retired Seventeen Thousand Yorkville

2014-03-16 Sun

Retired: Chelsea Hereís Retired

2014-03-15 Sat

Clear Thinking: Cloves Garlic Hugh Morshead Regular Sort Thinking

2014-03-14 Fri

Clear Thinking: Australian Cursive Department Education English French Hence Latin Pittman Printing Shorthand Star Thinking Todayís Toronto Writing

2014-03-13 Thu

Clear Thinking: Added Craig Jenny Note SEVEN Sugar Thinking Wrong ZERO

2014-03-12 Wed

Clear Thinking: Anesthetics Attendancy Dental Dentistry Finally Going LOAD Rawtenstall Today

Sore Jaw:

Best Patient Today: Chun Doctor English Iíve Ozzie Patient Today Youíre

2014-03-11 Tue

Retired: Finest Retired Spend Torontoís

2014-03-10 Mon

SUFE Ė Second Use For Everything: Everything Mobile Recycling Second SUFE

2014-03-09 Sun

Clear Thinking: Appliances Explained Hereís Large Level Lower Thatís Thinking

2014-03-08 Sat

Clear Thinking: Allowed Customer Nobody Service Thinking Today Werenít

2014-03-07 Fri

Clear Thinking: Churchill Customs Gone Office Post Postal Richard Services Thinking Uncle Winston

2014-03-06 Thu

Retired: Churchill Nathan Paths Philips Queen Retired Society Square Street Walk Winston

2014-03-05 Wed

Weight Loss: Brodie Geomorphology Jean Miss Prime Principles Russka

Retired: Bras Carte Champs Elysee Flight Fontenay Montrouge Paris Retired Roses Taxes Trappes Verriere World

2014-03-04 Tue

Clear Thinking: Buffalo Ford Jimmy Kimmel Mayor Toronto Torontoís

Retired: Iíll Ryerson Star Street Toronto University Yonge

2014-03-03 Mon

Clear Thinking: America Bell Board Bulletin Email FedEx Green Internet Julie Jumpers Mail Mincham North Office Smoke Switchboard Systems Telegrams Thinking Toronto Whatever Yilgarn

2014-03-02 Sun

Retired: Burger Deli Montreal Retired

2014-03-01 Sat

SUFE Ė Second Use For Everything: Answer Dutch Enough Everything Grab Ladle Oven POPs Remove Second SUFE

2014-02-28 Fri

Retired: Cute Kipling Subway

Clear Thinking - Renewable Energy: According Electricity Iíve Leigh Star Toronto Torontoís Turbines Wind

2014-02-27 Thu

Retired: Great Greek Lentil Restaurant Retired Says Sorry

2014-02-26 Wed

Retired: Brothers Building Little Retired Surrounded Toronto

2014-02-25 Tue

Clear Thinking: Outlets Postal Quant Required Thinking Toronto Trivial

2014-02-24 Mon

Retired: Enough General Itís Iíve Kids Meanwhile Mount Retired Sick Sinai Thatís Toronto

2014-02-23 Sun

Retired: Birmingham Choral Eucharist Iíve James King Luther Martin Merbecke Montgomery Retired

2014-02-22 Sat

Clear Thinking: Algebra Arne Duncan Education Everyone Harpers Harvard Magazine Mathematics Secretary Thinking

2014-02-21 Fri

Clear Thinking: Blood Burning Iíve Jacksonville PATH Parks Rosa Shining Thinking Toronto Transit

2014-02-20 Thu

Clear Thinking: Cheerful Donít Kayla Matter Passing Thatís Thinking Toronto

2014-02-19 Wed

Clear Thinking: Broadway Buffalo Carson Ford Kodak Near Rochester Southerners Thinking Toronto Wheresat York Youíre

2014-02-09 Sun

Clear Thinking: Article Globe Golden Handshake Handshakes Isnít Mail Peterson Thinking Torontoís

2014-02-08 Sat

Retired: Benjamin Benjaminís Fifteen King Love Retired Seventh Stein Theorbo

2014-02-07 Fri

Retired: Flight Retired Street Toronto World Yong Yonge

2014-02-06 Thu

Clear Thinking: Brown Feeling Fifty Jacksonville Less Nope Plus Shouldnít Thatís Thereís Thinking

2014-02-05 Wed

Clear Thinking: Bank Despite Iíve Return Royal Thatís Thinking Trust

2014-02-04 Tue

Clear Thinking: Agent Court Final Judges Lawyers Ninety Order Ottawa Process Server Thinking Today

2014-02-03 Mon

Clear Thinking: Bottom Coalition Especially Government Municipal Thinking

2014-02-02 Sun

Clear Thinking: Homo Human Podcasts Race Sapiens Thinking

2014-02-01 Sat

Clear Thinking: Iíve Marvelous Practice Thinking Youíve

2014-01-31 Fri

TTC: College Frills Lillian Mississauga Parliament Smith Spadina Star Thatís Toronto Transit

2014-01-30 Thu

Clear Thinking: Deli Figures Increase Montreal Proposed Rates Star Thinking Toronto

2014-01-29 Wed

TTC: Carlton College Door Doors Drivers Entry Exit Front Kalinowski Move Star Streetcar Tess Toronto

2014-01-28 Tue

Clear Thinking: Dead Elected Life Matter Official Park Personal Private Restaurant Star Thinking Toronto Transit Whatever

2014-01-27 Mon

Clear Thinking: Branch Conditional GoTo Meeting Technical Thinking Unconditional Weekly

2014-01-26 Sun

Clear Thinking: Bank Beatrice Burnley Cross Governor Grown Hallard High Homes Howarth Howorth Islands Last Late Mary Miss Peterkin Prince Road Rupert School Senior Solomon Stirling Sunny Swan Swanleigh

2014-01-25 Sat

Clear Thinking: Australian Boeing Canadian Earth Everybody Examples Jumbo Nine Pittsburgh Thinking

2014-01-24 Fri

Clear Thinking: ALGOL COBOL DESCRIBE Daniel FORTRAN Iíve McCracken Thinking Weíre

2014-01-23 Thu

Retired: Cereal Fibre Foodstuffs Labels Nutritional Packaged Retired Sugar

2014-01-22 Wed

Retired: Bairds College Dundas Going Iíve King Ladies Perth Retired Step Toronto Underwear Watch Yonge

2014-01-21 Tue

SUFE - Vermicomposting: Acetic Folks Half Myths Nonetheless Note SUFE Tannic Vermicomposter Vermicomposting Worms Wriggler

2014-01-20 Mon

SUFE - Vermicomposting: Bacteria Boston Bottom Imperial Look Promotion Repeat SUFE Separate Spread Suppose Think Tomorrow Tower Vermicomposter Vermicomposters Vermicomposting Virtual Waddyaknow Without Worms Wriggler

2014-01-17 Fri

Weight Loss: America Chicken Chris Dundas Excellent Grill Grille Loss Nice North Oriental Presumably Salad Street Unusual Weight

2014-01-16 Thu

Clear Thinking: Administrative Branch Customer Data Irony Iíll Iíve Junk Last Mailbox Manager Managers Note Representative Scotiabank Scotiabank's Service Thinking Weíll

2014-01-15 Wed

Clear Thinking: Canadian Canadians Death Donít English Iíve Nearly SUBSCRIPTIONS Speaking Star Thatís Thinking Todayís Toronto

2014-01-14 Tue

Clear Thinking: Amdahl Around Associates Cloud Computing Intel Itís Last Sharp Thinking Thursdayís Today Toronto Welcome Whatever

2014-01-13 Mon

Retired: Christmas Deer Lights Retired Sleigh Street Yonge

2014-01-12 Sun

Clear Thinking: Carolinas NOTE Nonetheless Stream Thinking Wind

2014-01-11 Sat

Retired: Carbon Chemical College Monoxide Pollutants Retired

2014-01-10 Fri

Clear Thinking: America Arabic Chinese Christmas Disclaimer Fontenay Hereís IMPORTANT Itís Iíve North PHILIPS Philips Presumably Rocket Roses Science Simple Slaves Thinking Toronto Vermicomposter Yorkshire

2014-01-09 Thu

Clear Thinking: Approximate Conditions Correspondence Creative First Humber Judging Members Prize Program Rules School Self Starís Thinking Toronto Writers Writing

2014-01-08 Wed

TTC: Avenue Cheap Convertible Eglinton Fast Jane Mississaugaís Street Ticís Toronto Transitway Whatís Yonge Youíre

2014-01-07 Tue

Retired: Brutally Cold College Crosby Eileenís Indianapolis Lounge Makes Malcolm Physics REALLY Retired Road Ryerson Shane Snow Star Street Toronto University Vague Winnipeg Yanked Yonge

TTC: Avenue Eglinton Jane Mainly Mississaugaís Street Toronto Transitway Yonge Youíre

2014-01-06 Mon

SUFE: Clean Iíll National SUFE Several Tidy Today Water

2014-01-05 Sun

Retired: Aura Ontarioís Retired Street Yonge

2014-01-04 Sat

SUFE: Iíve SUFE Tower Vermicomposter

2014-01-03 Fri

SUFE: BOTTOM Castings Especially Iíll Iíve SUFE USING Vermicomposter

2014-01-02 Thu

Clear Thinking: Apartments City Condo Condos Consider DIVERSION Discarded Diversion Draw Houses LANDFILL Landfill Residents Resources Roughly TOTAL Thinking Tons Toronto Torontoís Waste

2014-01-01 Wed

SUFE: Apartment Buildings Calendar City Climate Cold Condominiums Design Dwellers Guide Iíll Mostly Recycling SUFE Thatís Toronto Tower Vermicomposter Weíve